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  1. ender Wiggins

    Lance is Retiring

    I was listening to the radio and just heard that Lance is retiring after the 2005 TDF. Can't blame him with two young kids and Sheryl. I would rather be spending some quality time with them than be on the road competing against a bunch of other guys trying to see who is the fastest in crappy...
  2. ender Wiggins

    Modolo Curvissima KX Carbon bar

    I am interested in replacing my steel bar with the Modolo Curvissima KX Carbon bar. Does anyone have it and recommend it? I am looking for an comfortable light ergonomic carbon bar that has a short reach and was wondering if this fit the bill?
  3. ender Wiggins

    Anyone have the Bontrager Race X Lite Carbon OS Bar?

    I have a Specialized Roubaix Pro and am considering this Bontrager bar because it has a short 75mm reach. I am looking for an ergonomic carbon bar with a short reach. I looked at the specs for Easton, Kestral, FSA, 3T, Specialized, etc. and all of them have longer reaches. I like having the...
  4. ender Wiggins

    Look Keo Carbon Cleat Mounting Questions?

    Hey, I just bought the Look Keo Carbon pedals and want to install the cleats onto Shimano R151 Carbon soled shoes. These are my first "road" shoes coming from a mountain biking background, so sorry for my ignorance. The Look instructions talk about putting an "abrasive sticker" between the...
  5. ender Wiggins

    Kryptonite Evolution 2000 U- Lock hacked by a Bic pen

    I ran across this news article on this lock (or lack thereof). Even though I don't own this lock, I thought I would warn those who do have it. Be sure to check out the video, which is very funny until you realize that your $5,000 bike can be stolen in a matter of seconds with a Bic pen ;(...