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  1. winkyb

    Should I remove my presta valve covers?

    Yes at around 220 MPH you can get a high speed shimmy.But I stay around 195 MPH under that so I leave mine on. Wink
  2. winkyb


    Nope. Winded, tired, sore yes but not sick. Wink
  3. winkyb

    New Smyrna Beach,Fl.

    Looking for someone to ride with around New Smyrna Beach,Fl. I am not in to power riding but do 20 to 60 mile rides. I just like to cruise and take in the sights. Wink
  4. winkyb

    Biking around New Smyrna Beach, Fl

    Looking for people that would like to do 20 to 60 mile bike rides around New Smyrna Beach,Fl. I am not into power riding just cruising around 10 to 15 MPH. and enjoy the sights. Wink
  5. winkyb

    Your Cycling Locations

    New Smyrna Beach Florida. I do normal 20 to 30 mile rides.Not in to being a roadie just like to ride and socialize. Winky B.
  6. winkyb

    You can afford one

  7. winkyb

    Sun EZ Sport AX

    No snow tires on my bike.:) I live at New Smyrna Beach a little town on the beach about 15 miles south of Daytona. Wink
  8. winkyb

    Don't Drink Yourself To Death!!

    That is good info as I live in hot Florida and have been close to over drinking on my rides.I knew after I would come off my rides I would crave salt and then have the pees later that day. I have all ready started drinking less on my own and did use salt a lot after my rides. As you say I was...
  9. winkyb

    Learning curve?

    Blazingpedals norecumyet mite should be glad that Sebowyer lives on the other side of the pond.With all she does she mite just kick his butt.I wounder how he lost that much weight that fast and how long it will stay off.I know I have lost 20 pounds over the summer but the main thing I was after...
  10. winkyb

    Sun EZ Sport AX

    My butt loves the EZ Sport AX but I still ride my mountain bike turned tour bike also. Wink
  11. winkyb

    What kind of shorts to ride Recumbent?

    Blazing Pedals I can see where you would need modesty on the bike you ride.:D Wink
  12. winkyb

    What kind of shorts to ride Recumbent?

    I tried I pair of regular bike shorts and like them.I was waring big leg shorts that I found did not work with you feet in front of you.I was reluctant to ware them as I am 62.But now decided better than having the out side of you shorts up to where your pockets are going through town.Plus I...
  13. winkyb

    Sun EZ Sport AX

    Well after getting to where I think a may walk straight again I did a 32 mile run yesterday.And to my surprise I could walk when I got up this morning.I was doing from 13 to 21+ where I had good road.Not sure of my average as I was using a GPS that would drop out now and then. But installed a...
  14. winkyb

    What kind of shorts to ride Recumbent?

    What kind of shorts are good riding a LWB recumbent ? Wink
  15. winkyb

    Sun EZ Sport AX

    I guess I will have to keep riding by my self. Right now I am bass player for a band and we don`t book that far ahead. :( Wink
  16. winkyb

    Sun EZ Sport AX

    I don`t feel to bad after seeing what you ride.I also looked up the pictures of the Dalmac that you and peabob are talking about. That looks like fun.How bad of hills do you have on it? I mite think about that if you all let flat land red necks in.:) It would be nice to have a tail wind like...
  17. winkyb

    Sun EZ Sport AX

  18. winkyb

    Sun EZ Sport AX

    You doing good to be on it at all. Glad to hear you are doing so well.I would think that you would always spin and not try to power pedal.Main thin is be careful until the are well healed. The only club around me that I know of is a roadie club that rides at twenty to thirty mph.So for now I...
  19. winkyb

    Sun EZ Sport AX

    Blazingpedals & Peabob what kind of speed are you making now ? Wink
  20. winkyb

    Sun EZ Sport AX

    I hope for some where over 15 as I have cross streets and some dirt that I do my rides on.I know on my first ride the only thing that past me were the local roadies that have all the speed stuff and I have clocked them with a car at over thirty so I don`t feel bad to get blowed off by them.I did...