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  1. LotusMan

    Out-of-Control Spam on Forum

    Why are two-thirds of the threads on the first page of the forum here advertising SPAM mostly unrelated to cycling? Maybe it's just me, but doesn't that seem to be a problem? I would think that would be an annoyance that would drive many forum participants away. Most could tolerate 1 or 2...
  2. LotusMan

    Vittoria Diamante Pro tires?

    Does anyone have any experience with, or thoughts about, the Vittoria Diamante Pro clincher tire? How is it's puncture resistance (like most, it's claimed to be great)? It has a 220 TPI casing, a bead-to-bead puncture protection layer and a 210 gram weight (700x23 size). It seems like it is...
  3. LotusMan

    BB selection for Campy Veloce Triple crankset replacement

    I am replacing a Campy Record double crank, circa 1999, with a Veloce triple crank, circa 2001. (both are 8/9 speed). There are too many big hills in my area and I haven't done this for a few years so I need the triple. I assume that I need to replace the BB. Frame is Cr-Mo Lemond (1999)...