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  1. kclw

    MTB power meters

    Does anybody have the inside scoop on the any MTB compatibly power meters? A disk brake compatibly power tap is coming and an update MTB SRM is suppose to be coming but does anybody have any more information?
  2. kclw

    Bike Quiz for Ed

    Lets see if Ed actually knows anything about cycling. The true test is do you know anything about the equipement. These are basic questions anybody involved with racing knows the answer to these. 1. How many wheel does a bicycle have? (just kidding) 2. What kind of...
  3. kclw

    big watts

    I heard throught the grapevine that Svien Tuft did a minute at 540 watts doing the standard CCA test protocol. (3 minutes stages followed by a 30 watt jump with a initial wattage of 150 watts.) That is some serious power output. If he had a little bit smaller upperbody he could be TT world...
  4. kclw

    MAP test protocal

    What protocal are most people using for MAP test? Speciafically what is the jump per stage and what is the stage length?
  5. kclw

    Accuracy of computrainer.

    Does anybody have a computrainer and other power device? Has anybody measured the accuracy of their computrainner? I have heard that is variation from computrainne to comptrainner.
  6. kclw

    Information on power outputs of female cyclist

    I have seen cycling peaks power sheet but as mentioned on it most of the data values for female cyclist are interpolated from mens test results. Does anybody have experience testing female cyclist. Do they have data they care to share? No names of course. Do you have any values for cyclist...
  7. kclw

    Never mind recovery week. How about recovery days

    First of all I believe recovery days are necessary. So if dissagree that is great but I am not going to change my mind. My question is should a recovery day be active or passive? Active recovery days are popular. Do they actually help with recovery or they something that was invented by...
  8. kclw

    Sweet Spot Trainning and the long run.

    I know that a program that emphasis sweet spot trainning can show some amazing fitness gain with relatively minimal trainning. My concern is will it result in continued fitness gains in the long run? Most people know it take 10 years of dedicated trainning to reach you potential as a cyclist...
  9. kclw


    Your season is over, you have just finished a month of non-structured trainning. Your fitness is all right but definately not your peak. Out of the middle of no where you find out in two weeks you are going to a huge race. How do you get ready?