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  1. Pelican_Racing

    FS: thinning out the stable, including Ibis Ti Mojo

    I have too many bikes. I need to sell a couple of these, and I'm not really particular as to which one goes. I'll leave it up to the Fates to decide. I can take detailed pictures of any of these fine rides, so e-mail me if you are interested. I am Pelican_Racing on eBay (and various automotive...
  2. Pelican_Racing

    Black Brooks Swift titanium rail saddle

    Saddle is SOLD. Thanks for looking. -Hong
  3. Pelican_Racing

    Black Brooks Swift titanium rail saddle

    This came on a bike I just bought and it looks to be barely broken in. The leather is still stiff and the bolt looks to be in the original position (not tightened yet). I tried it for 5 miles, but it's not really my style. I probably wouldn't use it on any of my bikes since I'm a weight...
  4. Pelican_Racing

    Thomson Elite seatpost 26.8 x 250mm setback - $45

    I have for sale, one Thomson Elite seatpost, 26.8 x 250mm size, layback style, 12 degree clamp head (SP-E106SB). Black. Brand new, never been used, zero miles on it. This thing retails for $85.95 new. I'll take $45 for it. Buyer pays for all shipping costs, and insurance if you...
  5. Pelican_Racing

    FS: Fixed gear wheelset, $30

    Where are you located and how would I contact you? Thanks, Hong
  6. Pelican_Racing

    What to do with my wife's Masi?

    SD, Thanks for the advice. I'm not made of money, hence the suggestion for a Ultegra kit for her frame. I've got the bling bling Dura Ace stuff on my bike.;) This is the third frame/bike I've bought for her, and it's the most suitable one for her fitwise. I know fit is the key, but we...
  7. Pelican_Racing

    What to do with my wife's Masi?

    What's with the attitude? Maybe you need to go for a ride. It's mickey mouse. I don't care who's done it.
  8. Pelican_Racing

    What to do with my wife's Masi?

    Or in this case, an expensive bedroom ornament! :) FYI, I'm just trying to get her into the sport. Don't want her crashing on her first ride because she's trying to change gears. Thanks for the "just shove a hub in there" suggestion. I know it can be done, but I don't like mickey mouse...
  9. Pelican_Racing

    What to do with my wife's Masi?

    I was watching a few auctions on eBay today for Shimano Sante parts. I didn't know they were so valuable! I was going to upgrade my wife's Masi because I took it for a spin after tuning it up this weekend. Was a bit strange getting used to the downtube shifters again. Don't know how safe it is...