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  1. danny shep

    Smoking and cycling

    Let me first of all say that i am not a smoker and the only reason i ask this is because of the 100+ cigarette per week habit of my ex girlfriend. I noticed that as i was in attendance for nearly all of her daily puffs it did seem to have a negative effect on how i felt when riding my bike as i...
  2. danny shep

    Antioxidants in food

    I have recently read about the benefits of the antioxidant qualities of foods such as pineapples, prunes and tomatoes and have subsequently worked them into my food intake on a daily basis. Unfortunately as i have been riding a lot less then normal lately, due to other commitments, i can't tell...
  3. danny shep

    BMC Bikes

    My local bike shop is a registered dealer for the BMC brand and as i am bowled over by what i have seen from their top end bikes can anyone tell me what they are like to ride and also any pros and cons they have noticed compared to other bikes of a similar price range. Thanks
  4. danny shep

    Cannondale system six or Lemond Victoire

    Any opinons on these bikes for a rider who likes the hills?
  5. danny shep

    Milk. Good or bad in relation to cycling performance?

    Im a health concious rider who likes to know that what i am putting in my body is first of all good for me and also in some way beneficial to my cycling performance. Something i have incorporated into my diet for several years now are big bowls of cereals and several glasses of either milk or...
  6. danny shep

    The pros and cons of adjustments in diet

    One thing I’ve noticed while striving to find the prefect blend of exercise, nutrition and rest is that when I make a change in any of these areas that I immediately feel a positive benefit, which is good in the short term but usually within a matter of days, despite still incorporating this new...
  7. danny shep

    Improving descending skills

    I have recently joined my local cycling club on several of it's rides and have been pleased with certain aspects of my performance and less pleased with others. As a cyclist who is covering between 150- 200 miles a week spread out through the week i was interested to know how i would fare...
  8. danny shep

    Bad days in the saddle

    Today was pretty windy in North West England but i don't feel that was the reason for my bad day on my bike. As i mentioned in my thread about marmalade and butter elsewhere on these boards i thought that yesterday i had found the perfect fuel for cycling as i felt so strong and free on the bike...
  9. danny shep

    Marmalade, butter and cycling

    I recently saw the film about the Scottish track Cyclist Graham Obree and as one of the staples of his daily food intake was marmalade I thought I would give it a try too. He claimed that it kept him going all day and as I struggled towards the end of the most recent club run I joined (although...
  10. danny shep

    Pasta as fuel for cycling

    I have been eating pasta for my main meal for a while now, as i eat most of my protein during the working day, and have found that i now tend to suffer less on the bike regardless of how hard i push myself. This may purely be in my head but i feel that since i started really watching what i put...
  11. danny shep

    Protein from whole foods or supplements?

    I have recently been looking at regualting my protein intake as many sources seem to suggest keeping daily protein intake at around 100 grams which is then best split into four meals which are said to be most nutritionally effective spaced apart by three hours. At the moment i am managing to do...
  12. danny shep

    Road cycling underwear

    Recently i have noticed that i have experienced chafing and even saddle sores when on my longer rides and although i have just today purchased some Assos Chamois cream to hopefully prevent the sores i can't help feeling that the chafing is caused by underwear which tends to get out of shape and...
  13. danny shep

    Flaxseed oil and Natures Path cereals

    Having recently bought some Flaxseed oil capsules i am wondering if anyone can advise me whether they have any idea of the benefits of Flaxseed and the oils with them. I first read about Flaxseeds in a magazine where an endurance runner swore by a cereal called something like "Optimum Power"...
  14. danny shep

    How can i stop losing weight while cycling?

    I have been riding to work each day for the last month instead of using public transport and have found it a great way to keep fit and improve my stamina but i have also found that it has led to me losing quite a lot of weight. The ride itself is around 15 miles each way so i am clocking up 30...