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    Should I replace my bike after an accident?

    I only have a $1400 road bike with a Tiagra groupset. I'm not a competition rider but enjoy the feeling of a nice bike.(well for the average joe that's nice) I managed to to fall off and smash my left brake lever and bend my handle bars along with a slight buckle in the front wheel. As a result...
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    (Songs about cycling),what ones do you like?

    I come across this funny song by Franciscus Henri - Come Cycling If you have anymore good songs plz post them. Come cycling, come cycling just try it and you will see Come cycling, come cycling you will love it just like me I love to go a cycling it’s just the best thing out It’s the best way...
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    Back Pain

    I suffer from lower back pain also. I was in a MVA years ago and fractured my L1, 40% of the height. This year I have clocked up just over 4000kms riding my clapped out Mongoose Mountainbike. (30)kg bike:-) My doctor says my previous MVA accident has nothing to with my back pain. I am thinking...
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    Best Looking Female Cyclist?

    Who is the Best Looking Female Cyclist ? Some pictures would be great also.
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    Usefull Tool for average speed after a ride.
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    Has any person in this forum tried Amphetamine's while riding? What were the results and how did you feel after using Amphetamines? Did it take the pain away after riding huge distances?
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    Pat Jonker

    Welldone Pat Jonker. A brilliant finish to a Professional career.
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    6 Day Racing in Australia

    Do they have the 6 Day Racing in Australia? I live in Adelaide and just started to read this forum. I read a book from Russel Mockridge and he talked about 6 day racing as if it could kill a man. I would love to be a spectator if they have this racing in Oz. Jim