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  1. alig

    Umbrella Holder for Bicycles?

    I found this umbrella holder gadget for bicycles has anyone used these
  2. alig

    Upgrading a cassette with spares

    I'm currerntly using a HG50 12-25 (9 speed) Rather than pay 80-100$ for a new cassette (I'd like a 11-25), I'd like to purchase the 11T cog and lockring instead My question is, can I use a 11T CS-6500 9 speed cassette cog, with a dura-ace 7700 11T lockring on a HG50 cassette?
  3. alig

    Replacing a cassette sprocket

    I have a Shimano HG-50 9 speed 12-25 cassette Rather than buy a new cassette, I'd like to know if I can remove the 25T sprocket and replace it with an 11T sprocket to make a 11-23 If so, can anyone recommend a website here in Australia where I can buy cassette spares.
  4. alig

    From V-brakes to 105 road brakes on a flat bar

    Hi all Can I swap mini-v brakes on a flat bar (CRX3) with 105 (BR-5501 "9" speed) brakeset? 2nd Q is, is there anyway to know how much to tighten a crankset without using a torque wrench (eg. tighten until you can't go any further in one motion) Looking down when seated, I can see the top of...
  5. alig

    SL-R440 Shifter as a double?

    Hi All Here's my setup Shifters - Shimano SL-R440 (3x9) Front Derailleur - SL-R443 Crankset - Sora Triple (50-x-y) BB - Octalink Looking on the shimano website, its states that the SL-R440 Shifter does double front shifting as well...
  6. alig

    Crankset upgrade on Giant CRX 3 (08)

    Hi all Currently I have a CRX 3 (2008) with a Sora Triple FC-R453 50-39-30T Octalink. It is a 9 speed. Can I swap the bottom bracket and crankset to a FC-5603 Hollowtech II Triple (even though it is a 10 speed? If so can I also then change the 50T to a 52T chain ring at a later stage?
  7. alig

    Cannondale Synapse Carbon frame - Opinions

    Hi all. I've been given the opportunity to purchase a Cannondale Synapse 2007 carbon frame. I've determined that its the correct size for me. It includes the Cannondale carbon SI crank with BB, Carbon seatpost, headset and stem, wheel skewers and rear derailleur hanger. My question is will I...
  8. alig

    Installing a larger chainring

    Hi all I have a progear hybrid, I would like to replace the 48T chainring with a 53T (and I'm planning to replace the wheels and tires with 700x28). I'm hoping to do it myself, and I guess I need to start by purchasing a chainring Firstly sorry if I come accross as having no idea, because I...
  9. alig

    How did I do?

    Hey all I just bought this bike on ebay, I'd really appreciate your feedback on what you think
  10. alig

    Please tell me what you think of this bike

    Hey all, I'm looking at buying a progear CX400 hybrid bike Would appreciate your opinion on the bike and components Here are the specs CX-400 FRAME Aluminium Hybrid 700C SIZE 15 〞18.5〞21〞 FORK RST CT-COMI Lock-out...
  11. alig

    Please help me choose a hybrid

    Hi all, I've recently sold my trek 1400 and am looking to purchase a hybrid I'd like something with decent components, is the Shimano Deore OK? (Not the LX). Is the deore equivalent to shimano 105 on road bikes? I've seen the Shogun hybrid on
  12. alig

    Help needed in chosing tyres

    Hey all I'm after a pair of tyres to last me a while I don't ride in the wet, I don't race and I'm not phased by weight and rolling resistance, puncture resistance etc... Just after durability What do you guys recommend
  13. alig

    Measurements for Trek 1400 stem

    Hey guys I'd like to buy a new stem off ebay for a Trek 1400 (2002/2003) Not sure off the measurements and don't exactly know how to measure Can someone who owns one or a mechanic give me the specs for the following: Steerer width Bar clamp width
  14. alig

    Help with pedals

    Hey guys I bought a trek 1400 which had the cleats and the guy threw in a pair of shoes that fit too. It has a 105 groupset If I want to buy normal pedals that you'd find on say a hybrid, will any fit (screw into the crank arm) or do I need to search for a specific size
  15. alig

    Few Road bike Q's from newb

    Hey guys I'm ~ 6' and I just bought a Trek 1400 (56cm) I prefer a smaller fit, and this is my first road bike for a while, I was riding a Trek 7400 (50cm) Hybrid Anyone know about the standard stem length on the 1400? Or how do I go about measuring it? (obviously with a ruler, but to get an...