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  1. London knight


    Hi: Does anyone know how long it takes to obtain a registration code after purchasing the training peaks software? I purchased it on line yesterday and have had no response ?
  2. London knight

    Power measurement on cyclops fluid trainer

    I have been performing 2x20 intervals on a Cyclops fluid trainer using the powertap SL system. However, I notice a significant variability in average power when comparing the two intervals. When performing the two intervals my speed, cadence and gearing are identical yet average power drops by...
  3. London knight

    Rest after intense training

    I was wondering what peoples thoughts were concerning a rest period after a particularly intense period of training . In my specific case. I have been training during winter months 7- 10 hrs/week at a TSS of approximately 80/day. This consisted of a combination of SST , FTP training and some...
  4. London knight

    Rotor elliptical cranks

    :confused: One of my teammates recently installed rotor elliptical cranks on his roadbike in an effort to improve his timetrialing (ie. removal of the deadspot when pedalling). I was wondering if there is any evidence that these type of cranks can improve performance?
  5. London knight

    Question concerning 2x20 and HR

    Hello: I am new to this forum and I have a question concerning the relationship between power output and HR when performing 2x20 intervals. I am using a combination of HR monitoring and gear ratios rather than actual wattage measurements in order to gauge my work output which is obviously not...