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  1. Fitmiss

    Lights for My Bike

    I will be going on some group rides in the early evening. In the event that we don't get back before sundown, I want to have a light available. Our rides will primarily be along roads where there is lighting. Even if I went for an early evening ride by myself, I would go where there were street...
  2. Fitmiss


    I'm looking for a good pair of sunglasses. As a contact lens wearer, I am particularly interested in glasses where I can change to a clear or yellow lens when it is not particularly sunny. I have seen the Oakley half jackets but are not thrilled with the nose piece but they do fit. The Rudy...
  3. Fitmiss

    Specialized Dolce Comp

    I'm waiting for the 2005 Dolce Comp model to be available. It should be out soon. I am a new rider but decided that I wanted to buy a nice bike. I work out alot, take spin classes, so I believe a good bike will not go to waste. I am about 5'2" (maybe a tad under) and have basically been fitted...