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  1. swimmeronwheels

    7-speed cassette replacement

    The original cassette, a Shimano Mega Range (13-34) says ZH37 on it. Can I replace it with an HG50 (7 speed of course) ... either 12x28 or 14x32? If I can switch, will the rear derailler need adjusting b/c of the different cog sizes? Right now it is like having 6 speeds because the mega range...
  2. swimmeronwheels

    cold bar ends

    newbie here ... Do you guys put grips or tape on your bar ends? Or anything else? They get a little chilly at a point before I need gloves to keep my hands warm. I commute and run errands barehanded, weather permitting. thanks.
  3. swimmeronwheels

    bolt grease ????

    I'm a newbie to this and I'm going to be changing the pedals on my bike. I plan to grease the threads as every bicycle maintenance/repair thing I've read suggests. But, What kind of grease should I use? Is it the same for any threaded bolt I mess with? Thanks.
  4. swimmeronwheels

    LBS doesn't trust me with a bolt -- whassup w/ dat?

    I bought a bike just over a month ago ... been loving it ... nothing fancy, a Gary Fisher Tiberon. I ride it to work and around alot. I want to change the quick release seat to a regular bolt and nut ... so I don't have to lock the seat. I'm tired of running extra locking cable. Then I can use a...