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  1. sculler

    Pedalforce RS

    I'm thinking about buying a pedalforce frame and wondered if anybody has used one and what they think of it. I would want to race on it so it would have to be quite stiff. Thanks
  2. sculler

    Creaking Rear End

    I noticed my bike starts creaking when pedaling hard and am not sure where its coming from. I've checked all the spokes and all are ok. Any ideas anybody? Cheers
  3. sculler

    Carbon forks varnish

    I've noticed some of the varnish has peeled away on my forks exposing the carbon. Should I be worried and can I just put normal varnish on carbon? Cheers
  4. sculler

    Continental Competition Vectran Tubular

    I just fitted the above on my bike and punctured both the front and rear tyre on their first ride. I guess I was probably just unlucky but was wondering if anybody else has any problems with them and if there is a better tyre for road racing use. Cheers
  5. sculler

    Headset Maintenance

    Hi, I want to grease my headset on my old commuter bike. It is the old fashioned type with the 2 nuts at the top. If I undo these nuts and drop the forks, am I likely to get ball bearings falling out? Any advice appreciated.
  6. sculler

    Neuvation 38

    Has anybody used these wheels and if so what do they think.