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  1. JRMDC

    Who Celebrated Bettini?

    In the next to last picture on this page: Who is that in red celebrating, seemingly (?) Bettini's victory at the Worlds? There were no other Italians or QS riders in the front group of 5. thanks J
  2. JRMDC

    Tour of America - Insane!

    For all I know, this is just a publicity stunt, but someone has actually announced the intention of a 27-stage GT of the USA. Among other things, it features 4...
  3. JRMDC

    Contador announces a Friday prepared statement

    topic unknown, let the specualtions begin! EDIT: sorry, now I see it mentioned a couple of times in other threads, although not much discussion there
  4. JRMDC

    Horrible news: Ryan Cox dead

    Ryan Cox, RIP
  5. JRMDC

    EPO: not just cycling
  6. JRMDC

    Rasmussen accusations to 2002: "Biopure"

    I dropped this in the Rasmussen thread but it seems cluttered already with the old stuff, so here is a new one.
  7. JRMDC

    CONI wants 21 months for Basso
  8. JRMDC

    1996 TdF Winner - how does cycling keep its records?

    So who won the 1996 TdF? And how do we think about cycling records now? Do we write them off? Do we leave them in place but put a huge asterisk by every name or on the title of the list? Or are we dropping interest in this sport so the question matters about as much as some lost local...
  9. JRMDC

    TV viewership WAAAAY down

    Today's New York Times reports a 77% decline in the live TV audience for the Ronde, the Tour of Flanders. This according to IFM, a "sports research company in Germany."
  10. JRMDC

    Beltran! At Pais Vasco

    Congrats to Manuel Beltran of Liquigas, winner of today's hilly second stage at the Vuelta al Pais Vasco. His first win since the overall at the 1999 Volta Catalunya (with Banesto), as far as I can tell. Great to see a long-time hard worker get something for himself, relatively late in his...
  11. JRMDC

    Discovery sponsorship going, going...
  12. JRMDC

    Puerto is Over

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    Zabel! :cool:
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    Danielson wins!

    I'm not a Danielson fan in particular, but he put in a strong performance today and has won a tough stage of the Vuelta, showing that his 7th overall last year and his Tour of Austria and other tour wins earlier in his career were not flukes. He soloed up the last climb, was eventually caught...
  15. JRMDC

    Hincapie Wins US Road Title

    Hincapie wins the US Road Championship and will wear the stars and stripes next year. Leipheimer was second and one can argue (note that I am working only off text updates) that Levi and George were in coorperation in the race. However, after trailing by maybe 20 seconds with 10k to go, Levi...
  16. JRMDC

    2006 Vuelta a España: Stage 5 - Plasencia to Estación de Esquí La Covatilla, 178 km

    Who didn't set up the sticky? :)
  17. JRMDC

    ProTour rankings balances

    I don't know how much stock people put into the ProTour points competition, but I find it interesting/amusing that, should Hincapie win the ENECO tour, he would get at least 55 points (overall plus two stages), which would put him 6th or 7th overall, behind Basso, ahead of Evans. Ballan could...
  18. JRMDC

    Et tu, Rodriguez/Unibet?

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but the Babelfish translation of (one French, one Dutch) tells me that Juan Carlos Dominguez of Unibet was tossed out of the ENECO...
  19. JRMDC

    Simeoni's latest
  20. JRMDC

    National Champion etiquette

    I see here that Polish TT champion Piotr Mazur wore his national colors in today's TT at the ENECO tour. What are the rules/customs? Can those colors be worn during any TT stage? What...