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  1. Andrepaul

    Stretching for Cycling

    I'm trying to increase my flexibility in order to be more comfortable and strong in the aero positon when riding my road bike. Can I get recommendations on how and what to stretch along with frequencies and durations of the reps, workouts, etc. Stretching for cycling is very new to me and I want...
  2. Andrepaul

    Quick link for chain-recommended?

    I was wondering if the after market chain link that is easily removable by hand is recommended for both mountain and road bikes. I'm wondering if there are tendencies for this link to come apart during hard pedaling. This is a great way to be able to remove and service the chain without having...
  3. Andrepaul

    Cyclometer wire extension question

    I'm trying to extend the wire lead out of my 4-year-old, Specialized, wired cyclometer so that I can use it on the back wheel of a bike that is used only for cycling on a trainer. I soldered in two wires (different gage than the cyclometer wires) to do the extension and the cyclometer won't...
  4. Andrepaul

    Ideas needed for novice rider

    I'm a cycling fanatic and have all the lightweight equipment and really enjoy cycling (I can't get enough of it). My fiance, on the other hand, sometimes enjoys cycling with me but is a bit turned off by cycling because she rides a heavy tank of a bike (Trek Navigator 100). She prefers to ride...
  5. Andrepaul

    Litespeed Ultimate vs Vortex

    I'm looking into trading up from a 55cm 2005 Litespeed Ultimate to a 55cm 2005 Vortex (main reason is to go from a carbon to ti rear seatstay) and noticed some slight geometry differences such as: Ultimate wheelbase of 96.3 vs 97.5 Ultimate Standover 79.9 vs 79.2 Ultimate headtube 16.1 vs 14.7...
  6. Andrepaul

    Training for first 100 ride- Suggestions please

    I will be riding my first 100 mile road tour in May '06 and I'd like to know if there are some proven ways/training regieme/plans to condition my body to prepare for it. I would like to finish strong but not necessarily competetive since I don't desire to be a racer. I just don't want to be...
  7. Andrepaul

    Cyclometer sensor position question

    I just bought a new VDO, wireless cyclometer and I'm wondering what the optimum sensor/magnet position is on the fork (i.e. how far up from the bottom of the fork) since the instructions don't specify this. I want to set this up for the greatest accuracy. Thanks
  8. Andrepaul

    '05 Litespeed Ultimate frame problem

    I just finished building up a brand new 2005 Litespeed Ultimate frame and have now found that one of the bolts that join the carbon rear stay to the rest of the frame was poorly screwed in, therefore causing an ill fit between the two parts (looseness). My Litespeed dealer retapped the threads...
  9. Andrepaul

    2006 Litespeed Ultimate vs 2005 version

    I noticed that Litespeed changed their Ultimate model for '06 by having a complete Ti rear triangle vs the rear having carbon on the 2005 version. Does anyone know if the frames with the carbon rear triangle had any recurring durability problems? I assume they had the carbon there to stiffen...
  10. Andrepaul

    Carbon bar to stem question

    I just bought an Easton EC90 Equipe carbon road bar and a FSA OS-115 stem and just noticed that the bar states to only use stems with a two-bolt face mounting. The stem I bought has a 4 bolt pattern. Should I not use this combo or just go with my setup? I haven't yet installed either...
  11. Andrepaul

    Question about new Mavic Ksyrium ES rims

    Can someone who has bought the latest 2006 Mavic Ksyrium ES (red) rims (Campagnolo 10 speed cassette version) tell me if the rear male portion of the hub that the cassette rings screw onto should have a silver colored washer (spacer) mounted to it prior to screwing on the cassette rings. The...
  12. Andrepaul

    My first bike build

    This is the first time that I've decided to build up a bike rather than buy it complete and I was wondering if there are some important key points to know before I begin. The frame is a Litespeed Ultimate with Chorus group, USE Alien carbon seatpost and carbon stem and handlebars. I figure...
  13. Andrepaul

    Road cycling TV coverage in the US?

    How do you keep up with cycling news over the TV in the US? I can not seem to find a TV channel that shows road bike racing hightlights or shows other than the usual TDF coverage on OLN once a year. Are there any weekling shows in the US that I'm missing?
  14. Andrepaul

    Tires for my road bike

    OK I've purchased the frame, groupset, wheels and other small items for my bike build but I have no idea what tires to go with. My riding consists of 20 - 100 mile club rides on the weekend and a few 20 milers during the week. This riding includes some steep hills (up and down). When I buy...
  15. Andrepaul

    Frame sizing question-'05 Litespeed Ultimate

    When I was being fitted for a bike at my LBS and after having them review my body proportions (5'10.5", 32.5" inseam) the bike shop suggested that my optimum frame size would be a 56cm. Well of course Litespeed only made the '05 Ultimate in a 55 and 57cm so they preferred that I go with the...
  16. Andrepaul

    Triple vs Compact crankset

    I'm currently building up a bike and would like to know if I should get a (Campy Chorus) triple crankset or go with the new compact crankset. I'm slightly out of cycling shape since I haven't cycled for a month or so. I sometimes have knee problems but only when I overdo the mileage on a...
  17. Andrepaul

    Chainstay question

    I have a dumb question that I would like answered please. Every bike that I've ever owned has had the chain sometimes hit or rub against the chainstay. Is this common during shifting on all bikes due to the flex of the rear derailleur? If so, what's the best way to protect the chainstay area...
  18. Andrepaul

    Litespeed bar tape

    I just bought a new '05 Litespeed Ultimate frame and I was wondering if anyone knew of a source to buy some of that Litespeed handlebar tape that's black with white "Litespeed" printing all over it. I called Litespeed and they don't make it anymore.
  19. Andrepaul

    Serviceability of carbon frames

    I'm thinking about getting a Look 585 frame and I was wondering if carbon frames lack the serviceability of aluminum, steel or Ti frames. For instance, how will bottom bracket and other threads on a carbon bike hold up with repeat removals and installations? Will this material hold up in the...
  20. Andrepaul

    Cinelli (frame) dealers in Northern CA??

    Does anyone know of any Cinelli frame dealers in Northern California?