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  1. dauphin

    Which is better for climbing?

    Which one of these cranksets is better for climbing a big hill and why? Average grade of the hill in question is 13.5%. 48x38x28T or 50/39/30T?
  2. dauphin

    700x28c to 700x23c

    Would there be any speed advantage to going from 700x28c to 700x23c on my Specialized Sirrus? My LBS owner says the rims can handle 25s or 23s.
  3. dauphin

    Bianchi Giro or Specialized Roubaix Elite

    Been torn between these two. I like to do long distances and centuries with elevation gain..lots of climbing. Any thoughts on either bike?
  4. dauphin

    Create a custom jersey?

    Has anyone here ever had a custom cycling jersey created either personally or for a club? I was thinking that a jersey that featured my business would be great advertising that I could wear and even sell for a profit. If anyone knows of a company or companies that do such work I would love to...
  5. dauphin

    Keep it simple stupid.....

    Ok, it's called the KISS method. Keep it simple, stupid. I've searched the forums here and elsewhere for the most straightforward and simple explanation of when to shift the gears on a bike. Since I must be truly dense I neeed someone to "simply splain it to me". I am beyond being...
  6. dauphin

    Any thoughts on Marin ALP series?

    I am very interested in a hybrid made by Marin called Lucas Valley. Does anyone know anything about Marin and the quality of their products? Any information would be appreciated.