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  1. photoweborama

    Stinking bike trails...

    I'm riding home from work last week, and as usual, there is a group of three kids, one walking, one on a bike and one on a skateboard. I come up behind them and yell our "excuse me". The skate boarder moves off the trail and the guy riding the bike does not look back at all and moves left...
  2. photoweborama


    Our bike paths are pretty smooth and flat, but when I cross streets, here are always a bunch of curb bumps, path repairs, etc. What is the best way to take those things without causing damage? Stand up, sit down, lean forward, etc.?
  3. photoweborama

    upgrading low end bike

    I have a low end mountan but, but it has a nice Aluminum frame. I was just thinking about upgrading some of the components. The first thing I'd like to change is the bottom bracket and the crank assembly. Are bottom brackets interchangeable? Will I be able to take the cheap one out and just...