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  1. trackmaster

    Fixie/Track Riders Unite!

    Any Fixie/Track riders out there!? It's time for us to bond:D ....Talk about your bike. The frame you ride and what you built it up with! The freshest bike will win a prize. Deadline for last thread April21/05 The bike chosen will have to e-mail a pic with the person standing beside the bike...
  2. trackmaster

    The One Hour Record

    No my previous comment isn't incorrect Ricky. Why don't you go back and read it first. The comment wasn't about who Lance is going to "beat" but how you can't "compare" the two. :eek: I think we can all agree that Lance will break the record no matter whos it because of the advantages he has...
  3. trackmaster

    The One Hour Record

    I know it's Boardman's record now. My point is Merckx set the bar pretty damn high with what he had back in the day which is pretty remarkable. Merckx is the Man! ;)
  4. trackmaster

    Road Cycling in Toronto

  5. trackmaster

    If you speak Spanish and are a Cycling person come and join my Forum

    MUCHO GUSTO AMIGO! you might like si? :cool:
  6. trackmaster

    Any single cycling hunnies in NYC?

    A friend and I are doing a ride from Toronto to NYC this summer on our trackbikes. It'd be great if we could stay at your pad for a few days. Ride during the day (hit Kissena) and go to some cool bars and lounges in the evening. Only good cooks need apply :o check out
  7. trackmaster

    What is the most dangerous city to bike in?

    What is the most dangerous city to bike in? Hmmm. Might be Karbala. Imagine not only avoiding door prizes and dumb pedestrians but also bombs and grenades? Damn those cyclists are skilled out there. so fresh! :cool:
  8. trackmaster

    Mirrors on bicycles?

    Mirrors on bicycles are ghey. Unless there's something wrong with your neck and you're still determined to bike than by all means...represent! Otherwise you might as well get some battery operated left and right turn signals too while your at it. The only bikes mirrors belong on are motorcycles...
  9. trackmaster

    Verbal abuse

    Here's a little tip from someone who deals with unruly pedestrians and drivers everyday. Stick your elbow out just a bit as you pass them. Being a female you might not want to stop and confront their stupidity. But if you do decide to, make sure you have a mini krypto lock in your back pocket...
  10. trackmaster

    1st track bike?

    Just get the dopest track bike you can afford. A custom fit would be nice! A 10mile commute is nothing. I ride a trackbike 80km a day as a messenger and some weekends do 150km rides. Just make sure you have a comfy setup especially a nice saddle! for fresh T's check this out...
  11. trackmaster

    The One Hour Record

    You can't compare Lance to Merckx because of all the technological advantages there are for him. I'm sure Lance will woop merckx's record because he has the best of everything; trainers, equipment, nutritionist and apparently he's going to get a world class velodrome built just to break the one...
  12. trackmaster

    On-line cycle stores in Canada

    Here's a site for the fresh urban cyclist.
  13. trackmaster

    Where are you from,what do you do?

    Bike Messenger who rides a sweet Marinoni track. Wanna race? :cool: so fresh!
  14. trackmaster

    loose chain?

    Yeah if you're still baffled by the loose chain....Relax! It's completely normal for chains to stretch the more you ride. Although it can be a case of the wheel not being tightened enough like the other guy stated. If your stretching chains out every month to the point you have to take out...
  15. trackmaster

    Fixie Wheels

    I'm thinking of picking those up for my Marinoni. I'll let you know how sweet they are soon. ha check out this link so fresh!