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  1. hemplands

    I thought this was a forum not Ebay

    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: Can someone please get rid of these darned adverts, or get them a section in the...
  2. hemplands

    Should Basso be made to sing like a bird?

    According to Pat McQuaid he should because its in the rules. "But McQuaid told a media conference at the 2007 Giro in Sardinia: "He has now admitted his guilt but for nine months he lied to everyone in the cycling family, to the media, to sponsors and even when he went into a new team, he lied...
  3. hemplands

    Why France is the pits

    I hate some things about France so I couldn't in all honesty post all sweetness and light, and not have a large shovel sized dig as well. Paris, and the majority of Parisians. The thief who broke into our hotel room at a hotel that had only been open 5 weeks, and stole camera & laptop...
  4. hemplands

    David Millar

    I've been watching this for the last 2 days and am getting very good at reading news stories. If I may point out, this story today has been exploded from 1 small piece in the paper L'equipe printed last night before midnight French time. I post it here with the lousy google automatic...
  5. hemplands

    David Millar is detained as a witness in doping investigation

    Cofidis's David Millar, British hope for the Prologue in the TdF 2004 has been detained as a witness in the doping investigation I didn't think you could detain people as witnesses?
  6. hemplands

    Now Bjarne Riis is slated in a book on Jan Ullrich

    As a CSC fan I have all the team news sent to me. I am very disturbed that BR has now had LA treatment and here is the quote from todays letter
  7. hemplands

    Best Rear in the Tour de France 2004

    Over the next month there are going to be so many threads covering the serious side of the Tour de France, most testosterone driven, so I thought a lighter more feminine thread should be in place well before it starts. Over the last. I suppose about 8, years a few of us have discussed the...
  8. hemplands

    UCI finally signing the WADA code

    At long last the UCI hace come off the fence and they are putting their name to the World Anti Doping Code. See
  9. hemplands

    Ex Tour Boss is skeptical about drug use

    On todays Cycling News website there is aninteresting article by Daniel Baal, the man who was going to take over the Tour de France from Chief Windbag Jean-Marie Leblanc, who decided not to retire. It gives some very revealing revelations into last year's tour...
  10. hemplands

    Bush/Blair Political ? correctness

    My son has just come up with this little gem
  11. hemplands

    Time Bonuses: Good or Bad

    Isn't it about time that they did something about the time bonus collected at the end of the stage of the TdF. Surely if a rider is capable of winning the stage he should do it on merit and not be handed out free seconds. The Vuelta seems to run perfectly well without this system and seems to...
  12. hemplands

    Chat - up lines

    What is your favourite cycling chat-up line?
  13. hemplands

    World's largest naked (cycling) event

    I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this on Will it ever happen?
  14. hemplands

    Roche named at Italian EPO Trial

    The Concioni trial has named Stephen Roche, Gianni Bugno, Claudio Chiappucci, Marco Pantani, Evgeni Bergin, Maurizio Fondriest and Ivan Gotti as professional cyclists being given the drug EPO in the early 90's They also recovered a computer file from the Carrera squad of active...
  15. hemplands

    UCI want to ban ear radios

    From Cycling the following article appears today Proposed ear-radio ban meets with resistance A UCI proposal to ban the use of ear radios in racing has been met with strong resistance from riders and team directors. UCI technical consultant Jean Wauthier has argued for the ban...
  16. hemplands

    No foot in the mouth this time as Lance blasts Drug Chief

    The Following text came from a letter to WADA the Drugs Agency from Lance Armstrong. "On behalf of myself and the professional cycling community, I am compelled to address statements made by Mr **** Pound," "I am abashed and saddened by the fact that a person with such responsibilities as Mr...
  17. hemplands

    Cycling Pin=Ups = Who would you choose.

    The idea for this follows on from the best 5 - time champion. Mine is Mario Cipollini, he wins hands down. I have him as wallpaper on the computer, I have various others around. There is something about him, the French have the saying je ne sais quoi and that's him.
  18. hemplands

    Best excuse for losing a race?

    Johan Museeuw February 2004, The teams radio's weren't working David Millar July 2003 Chain problems What other gems are out there?
  19. hemplands

    OFFICIAL, ear radios blamed for bad result In Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne

    Im starting this poll because I was perturbed that radios are now an official excuse for not winning a race. This appeared on Cycling website. Johan Museeuw blamed the team's ear radios, that weren't working well. "We didn't know, for instance, how good Bettini felt and whether he...
  20. hemplands

    Would Lance have won his 5 Tours without a 2-way radio?

    1. How much advantage does the wearing of 2-way radios give to a cyclist Pro cycling used to be men and machine against everything, the weather, the courses and of course each other. It now seems to have lowered itself to school level. The cyclist is the pupil and the team manager tells then...