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  1. Troy S.

    Changing gears on an e-bike

    Thank you
  2. Troy S.

    Changing gears on an e-bike

    I'm asking this question I got from a friend. I have very little experience with e-bikes and electric HUBs. Can someone answer this please so I can share it with him?: "Any advice on how to cycle with HUB gears? i.e, can you still pedal when changing gear, etc. Quite a few commuter bikes have...
  3. Troy S.

    Argumentative essay about cycling

    Hey, where is the essay?
  4. Troy S.

    New bike guidance requested

    I'm 6'2 220lb and I recommend a Trek Gravel Bike. I talk about if you should buy a Trek bike here (Youtube Link) and I also gave a shoutout to another trek bike rider who also recommends everyone try the Trek ALR 4/5 for endurance rides.
  5. Troy S.

    Is there an app for cycling partners?

    So an update on this that I found out is that there are tons of bike groups that meet up for free in the Facebook communities in which we live. I have met really cool people through the Facebook cycling meetups like Bike Dog Brewing, Bike Party, and Mike's Bikes MTB Gravel Ride meetups. Also...
  6. Troy S.

    Where to find a bike messenger job?

    Not sure if you are close to this location, but I found this on
  7. Troy S.

    Where to find a bike messenger job?

    Messenger jobs are far and few between. You may want to check out food deliver on a bike. Companies like Caviar or Uber Eats. Have you tried or Search google with any companies name + courier and see what might come up too.
  8. Troy S.

    Cycling movements

    I've read and or watched videos of different cycling movements whether it was to advocate safer roads in urban cities, scraper bikes (, or riding bikes in packs at night since the LA streets are flooded...
  9. Troy S.

    Is there an app for cycling partners?

    We the influx of apps for ride sharing (Uber/Lyft, etc) and dating (Tender), there has to be an app for finding like minded people who love to cycle but don't have a buddy to ride with or train with for free. Let me know in the comments if you had success with any. FYI- not looking to join a...
  10. Troy S.

    Tattoo fans maybe?

    Being that I'm artistic and self taught, I love the artistic expression of tattoos. Also very cautious of the likelihood a tattoo could lead to staph infection if not done by a place with high sanitary standards. I don't have a tattoo yet but I plan to get one on my left calf due to a scar I...
  11. Troy S.

    Where are you from,what do you do?

    I cycle for fitness, to stay in shape and socially. Also train for charity events from time to time but when I get more time, would love to race competitively. Currently building blog ( about cycling and cycling technology since I've become more passionate about this sport...
  12. Troy S.

    Motor doping?

    I agree how sad it is that pro-cyclist and their accomplices have become very creative at cheating the way to success. Check out how some of this works and how this type of cycling tech and others will definitely ruin one's pro-cycling career"...
  13. Troy S.

    Cycling Playlist - Best Music To Ride To

    Love listening to Pandora-Flux Pavilion Radio station when I'm cycling. Great electronica,drumb beats, pumped-up, working out kind-of-music Best songs I like are: Groove (Trap Mix) by Oiki Sunlight (2011) Torqux & Twist Remix "Hustle"- Antiserum & Mayhem "I Can't Stop" - Flux Pavilion
  14. Troy S.

    How Much Should I Be Riding?

    Having a goal helps like 100 miles a week when training for a long ride. If your training for climbs though you want to have some breaks in between long distance rides to build up more energy on those inclines. But it really depends on what your goal is and if your after a finisher badge of...
  15. Troy S.

    What is the longest ride you've ever done?

    The group I rode with were very fit cyclist but help me stay in pace with them. They were a great bunch that were very helpful and did not leave anyone behind.
  16. Troy S.

    What is the longest ride you've ever done?

    Took me 4 hrs 47 mins traveling on avg 15.3 mph. Cycling a group of 6 really help me push to that distance otherwise by myself I would have said forget it.
  17. Troy S.

    Is cycling ruining your relationships?

    I appreciate your candid response. I agree that relationships with people get better especially with others who share a passion for cycling, but with a parter who doesn't understand the cycling lifestyle that's where I'm hitting a brick wall. And I also heard of some who had a partner and...
  18. Troy S.

    Cycling At Night - Do You?

    Love night cycling! Especially here near Sacramento during the summer because it gets really hot during the day. Check out my post on how to do this right:
  19. Troy S.

    Is cycling ruining your relationships?

    Im interested to know who if any are so addicted to cycking that its ruined there relationshipswith some people. I started to have this problem then I had to exercise control since I have a family, wife and kid.
  20. Troy S.

    What is the longest ride you've ever done?

    Longest ride I ever done was 75 miles on a single speed bike. I don't recommend that to anyone. But it was a great challenge for me. Now that Im riding gears Im really gonna push for 100 mi maybe 200 in one day.