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  1. Beaugrand

    What's your age, when did you start riding?

    I'm 53 now. I don't recall when I started riding a bike, I was probably 5 or 6. Cars had fins, milk was delivered to the doorstep by a fellow in a white uniform, Eisenhower was President, if I wanted to go somewhere I rode my bicycle. My friends quit riding bicycles when they got their drivers'...
  2. Beaugrand

    What type of bike do you have

    I have a Schwinn Varsity that I bought at a thrift store mumblety-some years ago for $5. It's the one I ride most often. I also have a Sekine that I bought from a roomate when it was 2 years old. Sew-up tires (120 psi), aluminum frame and rims, with the magnesium luggage rack in place it weighs...
  3. Beaugrand

    Where are you from,what do you do?

    I'm from Indianapolis, I work in a manufacturing environment. I cycle for fun and exercise, my current ride is an old Schwinn Varsity (old and heavy but sturdy) with a partial "cafe racer" -style fairing I made from CorPlast. My "other" bike is an ancient Sekine with 3/4" sew-up tires, weighs...