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  1. korndawg

    Giant Iguana???

    Well, in my quest for buying a mountain bike, I was ready to buy a 2004 Giant Yukon for $399 until my LBS found me an even better deal. He got me a Iguana Spring edition (dream silver/silver w/ Manitou Shock) for $479! Is this a great deal? Whats everyones thought on this bike? The guy said it...
  2. korndawg

    Marlin, Yukon, or Rockhopper?

    Would you say the components on all 3 bikes are the same or is some on one bike better than the rest? I am a newbie to this so I'm not sure what components are better than others. Thanks!!
  3. korndawg

    Marlin, Yukon, or Rockhopper?

    Hello y'all! This is my first post here and I need some advice on my first mountain bike purchase in which I will make here in a few days. I've narrowed it down to 3 bikes, the Giant Yukon, Specialized Rockhopper, and Fisher Malin - all 2004 models. At my local LBS, they all run $429. The...