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    Where to find Dura Ace BB parts

    Another option is the Ultegra 6500 BB. Heavier than DA, but totally sealed and a snap to install.
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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    Some sweet bikes here. My Kinesis KR-810 carbon
  3. Cyclism

    Do Oakley frames hold up?

    Settle down iggy. Go for ride...and don't forget your Ray-Bans.
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    Do Oakley frames hold up?

    I'd take the chance, Oakley makes by far the best optics. Radars should be pretty robust though. If they break, I think you can argue warranty successfully.
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    What Car do you drive?

    One thing I really do like about my rims, don't show dirt/brake dust. Can't remember the last time I washed my car, been months. Rims look (almost) the same as if they were clean.
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    What Car do you drive?

    Thanks for your opinion. Not sure what the latest wheel trends are these days, you might be right. I see A LOT of chrome wheels on Magnums. Bling aint my thing. I'm not even fond of the chrome strip on my 20's, but I like them cuz they're different. I may change them out with some FOOSE...
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    What Car do you drive?

    Thanks, you too. Of course, I dig the black wheels. I chickened out on 24's and got 20's.
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    Shocking Pro Team Jerseys

    BIG SpongeBob fan and that's a cool jersey, don't think I could summon up the courage to wear it outside though.
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    What Car do you drive?

    Like to see this, got any pics? Here's mine 2006 Dodge Magnum R/T -Hotchkis lowering springs and anti-sway bars -Eibach dampers -20" American Racing RT-S Wheels
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    Giving people the finger!

    Last time I did it, driver totally deserved it, didn't like me doing it and proceeded to attempt to run me off the road. I managed to avoid and shake him off, then vowed never to do it again. Just not worth it, especially when I have a wife and two daughters who depend on me.
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    Sheryl and Lance call it quits

    Because the proof is in the history. Looks like he's back to his FedEx ways.
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    What kind of car do you have?

    Just got her. 2006 Dodge Magnum R/T. Yea, it's got a HEMI.
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    Best Aero Position?
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    Milan san Remo... any guesses?

    Yea, I just read that MSR race officials will probably throw in a harder climb before the Poggio by next year to help break things up. The "Pompeiana climb which features ramps as steep as 13 percent and hits the coast road just 4.5km from the Poggio". That'll squash some sprinter's chances.
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    Milan san Remo... any guesses?

    True the Fassa train did their job, but when Bettini pulled off in the last 200m, Petacchi was exosed at the front and had to sprint immediately. All the favorites hesitated (hell, Boonen was on Peta's wheel) and got boxed in by lesser sprinters. I believe Petacchi won by over a bike length...
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    Milan san Remo... any guesses?

    Well, I'll eat my words. Petacchi did it. Can't wait to watch the TV coverage.
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    Milan san Remo... any guesses?

    The problem with Petacchi is his weight. IF he makes it over the Poggio with the lead group, he'll probably be too toasted for the sprint, like last year. Freire is on fire now, I pick him for the win. If O'Grady is indeed injured, then Boonen/Zabel on the podium.
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    Lance in Paris Nice?

    I don't know. Valverde is only 20 sec. back. I think he's just waiting to spring on the final day.
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    News flash: Ullrich has a cold.

    You're right, and I think T-Mobile will have serious team leader issues in the TDF. Kloden getting second last year and Vino third the year before, why would they sacrifice their chances for a win working for Jan who historically has been ill-prepared to win?
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    Chippo's white helmet

    Yea, He rides with Specialized shoes and helmet while the team wears LAS helmets. Smart thing Mario managed to avoid having to wear those goofy LAS road helmets. And don't get me started on the LAS "aero" TT ones.