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  1. mrmeana

    G P S?

    Hi bob n.Mrmeana here sorry for late reply been on hols.Iuse a ETREX venture & use tracklogs software,I can track routes as i go or route them 1st on computer and up load to venture.When you download tracks from venture you can give instructions & print of maps after you can also up/download...
  2. mrmeana

    G P S?

    Has any one used any GPS Equipment for tracking their rides,I have just bought a Etrex venture & am trying to use it would like to know if any one has downloaded any details and used it in stead of a map?Tar MRMEANA:confused:
  3. mrmeana

    MTB CHALLENGE Yorkshire Dales 2005

    Hii i,m iain from bradford and am very interested,please mail me more [email protected]