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  1. instinct2

    Triathlon Training Bike

    Anyone have a response?
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    Crank Help

    Ok to start it off here is my bike and it's component list I'm wanting to change my 3 ring crankset to a lighter and higer end 2 ring set. I have looked at the Durace and Campagnolo Record CT or Carbon. I'm wondering several...
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    Triathlon Training Bike

    Next question for ironman and half ironman competitors. Do you only train on your triathlon bike or do train on a regular road bike and save the triathlon bike for race day and speed rides?
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    Indiana bike stores

    Does anyone know of a good bike store in Indiana that has a decent selection of triathlon bikes? And a staff that will properly fit you into a correct model?
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    How many miles

    How many miles or years do you put on your bike before you trade it in? 10,000 20,000 3 years? Just wondering
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    New Show - "Chasing Lance" on FitTV

    Awesome show! Simply put awesome! I love to seeing how the small details are shown in their training and bike setups.
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    Half Ironman training

    Alright here is my new plan. I will be at the Chicago Marathon in a few months, but my new goal is to start training for a half ironman in July 2006. What should I do come late October after my marathon for preseason training and 18 weeks out from the half ironman? Does anyone know of any...
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    Livestrong Fashion bands..

    Sorry I don't understand what you are trying to say? Your post doesn't make sense. Yes we belong.
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    Livestrong Fashion bands..

    I have recently changed my livestrong for the new American Diabetes Associations - Search for a Cure band. My wife is 25 and has been a type 1 diabetic since she was 9. So not all of those bands you are seeing are just fashion bands - Diabetes are red. Lance did a great fundraiser for these...
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    Triathlon question?

    Thanks, that helps. I am training right now for the chicago marathon, but getting bored with all the running so I have started riding a lot to supplement the running. I'm a highschool swim coach and track coach - so I have the swimming back ground so I figured I would give a few tri's a shot...
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    Triathlon question?

    O.K. - I understand that you swim, bike, then run. But, what does one change during the transitions. Do you swim with a Jammer suit and wear it for the bike and the run? Do you wear socks while you cycle? I want to do my first triathlon this summer, but I figured I better figure this stuff...
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    2005 allez comp info?

    I just bought the allez comp with the triple last weekend. The double is nicer, but was more than I had. I love my comp, the best bike that I have owned or test ridden. I went for a 50 miler this weekend and was shocked by how smooth of a ride the comp is. There is carbon all over the thing...
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    However, riding the piece of junk I use to have wouldn't allow Lance to ride like Lance!
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    What type of components does Armstrong use on his Trek Bike? Are they different from what they sell us or do they change them?
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    Bridgeston trade for Specialized Elite

    I'm finally going to trade in my old bridgestone RB1, I'm looking at spending a thousand dollars. I recently rode the Specialized Elite 2005 and absolutely fell in love with it, I have never riddent a bike that fits my frame so well. My question is should I hold off and try to save 6 to 7...