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  1. rt1965

    HRM placement on bike or on wrist

    Yes the Polar S725X is really nice. The nice thing about it is that you can use it off the bike also. So if you take a cardio class or a spin class at the gym, you can use your HRM.
  2. rt1965

    Which trainer to buy?

    I just bought a Kurt Kinetic on E-bay for $275 new with free shipping. Seemed like a good deal. It has to be better then the Minoura I have. Do a search and you will find it for that price.
  3. rt1965

    Triple or Double?

    Well, I've already bought the bike and I did have it converted to a compact double. They did have to change the front derailer, and the shifter on top of the crankset. All is well, the bike is fantastic. I am going back tomorrow for a full fitting.
  4. rt1965

    Best Training Book

    Well, I am a 50 pound overweight beginner, but I do know a good book when I see one!:D I would check out Chris Carmichael's books. Very detailed and advanced stuff. And, I for one wouldn't rely on one book as the best, but a few different books in which you could take information from each and...
  5. rt1965

    Wrong geometry-starting from scratch after 20 years

    I have a similar issue, I'm 5'7 and was riding a 50cm frame. To small, but my inseam wont allow me to stand over anything else in a traditional frame. I switched to a Trek Pilot 5.2 in a 52cm and what a difference!
  6. rt1965

    Triple or Double?

    I'm thinking of buying the pilot 5.2 how do you enjoy the your new ride? It's really nice. Very comfortable. I'm actually going back tomorrow to have it fit, and it will only get better after that, but so far I am very happy.
  7. rt1965

    american flyers soundtrack

    Yeah, I had it on my old computer, then forgot to copy it before re-formatting it!:( I'd like a copy to if anyone has it!
  8. rt1965

    Silk boxers alternative

    Save the silk boxer's for the bedroom. Get yourself some good bike shorts! If you just can't handle it, get some cool MTB shorts.
  9. rt1965

    Charity Rides, how do you find them?

    Is there a website that anyone knows of that lists Charity Rides all over the U.S.?
  10. rt1965

    Phonak just confirmed it!

    on your scrotum Ouch! I wonder what that feels like peeling off?:eek: Desperate measures indeed!
  11. rt1965

    Phonak just confirmed it!

    Why not just legalize doping? Then, instead of watching the interview of the team's chef and learning all about caloric intake and caloric output, and how many plates of pasta a rider eats for breakfast, we can watch the interview with the team pharmacist and learn all about how they calculate...
  12. rt1965

    Triple or Double?

    Just want to say thanks for everyone's suggestions! I actually changed my mind at the last minute. I called the LBS to ask a question about a Trek bike, and they informed me they still had 2005 models in the box. So with a nice price of $600 less then the 2006 model, I just came home with a...
  13. rt1965

    Charity Ride "Cost"

    I just received info from Team in Training and they have a Century ride coming up in November. The minimum donation is $2200. Now they do put you up in a hotel and they spend time training you, but to me that still seems a little steep. Afterall, I could train with my riding buddies, pay for...
  14. rt1965

    Triple or Double?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. It looks like a new Specialized Roubaix Expert will be on order this week!:D And I too get the feeling a double will be just fine for me!:)
  15. rt1965

    Triple or Double?

    compact doubles Can you please explain this term? Maybe give some examples of gearing? I am not an expert by far and it's been a number of years since I was into biking.
  16. rt1965

    Floyd Landis! You´re my Hero!

    He was drinking &%#*@&! beer!? Just for the record, it is pretty normal for riders to celebrate at any point in the Tour by drinking beer or champagne over dinner the evening of a good performance. I doubt he slammed the whole six pack.
  17. rt1965

    Triple or Double?

    Well I have narrowed my quest for a new bike to a couple of choices. Now the question is whether to buy a triple or a double? I live in the Phoenix area so there really are'nt any hills to train on locally. The thing is though is that I would probably spend a little time up in the mountains...
  18. rt1965

    Need frame suggestion...

    Well I checked out a few different bikes today. I looked at the Trek Pilot, the Specialized Roubaix, and the Scattante CFR. The Trek and the Specialized in my price range don't have full Ultegra groupsets, but the Scattante does. Does anyone have any reveiews on the Scattante? It is Performance...
  19. rt1965

    Need frame suggestion...

    I recently sold a Trek 2300 and I am looking for a new bike again. The problem with the Trek was the geometry. I am 5'7 but I have a short inseam so the Trek was a 50cm. Anything taller just did't feel comforatble. The bike shop put a longer stem on for the handlebars, but I felt as though I...
  20. rt1965

    if lance didn't ride a trek?

    I'm guessing Lance rides Trek bikes because that is who USPS signed on with in the beginning. Trek made a wise choice in catering to the needs of Lance and as a result has produced some of the best bikes ever built, and they kept their relationship with Lance and the Postal team and now the...