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  1. ecce_ecce

    Vino tested positive!

    Would anyone else agree that the last week or so of the tour (Rasumssen and now Vino) could be some sort of revenge from the UCI at ASO's refusal to join the Pro tour ? What about Landis ? perhaps his story of a botched lab test might actually be true?
  2. ecce_ecce

    rock-shox SID SL 2000

    I've been given a pair of Rock-Shox SID SL (year 2000) forks, :D does anyone know where I can download a Service manual from ? Also any tips on upgrading this fork would be most welcome (bits that I can add or remove to improve the fork). :confused: :(
  3. ecce_ecce

    SAAB Salomon Mountain Mayhem 2004

    Thanks for the invaluable advice Alan - much appreciated. Ecce
  4. ecce_ecce

    SAAB Salomon Mountain Mayhem 2004

    Thats great cheers Alan 1 last question : If you go solo what constitutes 24 hour cycling - does it really mean that you have to cycle non stop for 24hrs - or are you (for example) allowed to walk/ sleep/ stop for food ? Are you allowed a certain amount of minutes per hour off? If so, how...
  5. ecce_ecce

    SAAB Salomon Mountain Mayhem 2004

    Does anyone have any details on this event ? Specifically entry details. Also, if ayone knows of the rules of the event, then please post them as I am in the dark.
  6. ecce_ecce

    Racing/Training in Lebanon

    >Dear all >Surely there must be someone out there who is interested in >training and racing in Lebanon, I mean Like I explained before >its good weather, gread food Great food, does that include kebabs - I can't bike without a kebab or two !
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    Unfair bike shop website in UK

    >that if you don't find the refunding policy in any web site >you better think it over before buying there. This is a very important point - I shall remeber this in future, as I buy lots of stuff online.
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    What Training Do I need to be doing to Make the Athens Olympics.

    Post deleted because of racist’s comments.
  9. ecce_ecce

    What Training Do I need to be doing to Make the Athens Olympics.

    Post deleted because of racist’s comments.
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    Halfords, don't be so blind!

    Halfords - hummmmmm:confused: I have good experiences and bad experiences in my Halfords. One day it will be good the next day really bad:mad: I think Halfords, along with PC world, Currys, Commet, BQ,Homebase the ULTIMATE reason for poor performance is : The Paying peanuts and Monkey...
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    Pantani's Ears

    I would like to make it clear that I've never bought playboy or the sunday sport
  12. ecce_ecce

    Pantani's Ears

    OH MY GOD :eek: :p
  13. ecce_ecce

    Pantani's Ears

    Whats the story with Museeuw's hair ? :confused:
  14. ecce_ecce

    Helmet sizes

    This may sound really stupid, but, You could try going to HALFORDS :eek: I know, I know perhaps not the number 1 choice for "serious cyclists" BUT They have a section devoted to buying the right helmet, and even provide cool little paper tape measures - Halfords deserve a "thumbs up" for...
  15. ecce_ecce

    what bike should I choose?

    Just buy a litespeed and be done with it:p
  16. ecce_ecce

    small hands

    simon ward ? Are you THE simon ward of ................cycling journalism fame?
  17. ecce_ecce

    New to the board and have a question

    HMMMMMMMMMMM:confused: I have a 7005 frame, which is light and stiff enough - but it is old I have a pair of spinergy rev-x wheels that I use for training and the total weight of the bike comes in at 18.5 lbs. I think I would probably have to agree with the above, do your bike up, and part...
  18. ecce_ecce

    Arguing with Cagers

    good sound advice Just what forums should be used for. disposing of any evidence is always my NO. 1 priority.
  19. ecce_ecce

    Egg Beater or Speed Play pedals?

    Go with speedplays. They've been around for years (compared with egg beaters) I used to ride time mids (bit like looks) Swapped about 18 months ago to a pair of speedplay x2's - Personally I don't think you can get a better pedal. csc are using them this year as well, so speedplay have...
  20. ecce_ecce

    Anti-depressants and performance

    Ok, I'll admit it I have to take anti-depressant tablets for,well, depression (funnily enough). I'm sure they affect my performance - weight, maximum heart rate, recovery - especially recovery. does ANYONE know of any reliable information on this subject ? does anyone else have any...