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  1. JamesO

    What's your average?

    I have a hilly ride that involves a short down hill and a fair climb, last ride I did it with an average of 28km/h which for me is a good achievement.
  2. JamesO

    Are you a Cycling Dork?

    I get the 'joke', its just not funny. So what if people have a mirror, or tuck their jerseys in? what are you guys the cycling fascists? I guess its just hard when you're the kingshit of everything.
  3. JamesO

    Are you a Cycling Dork?

    Dorkism # 13: Posting on an internet forum about how dorkish members of the public are for essentially, trying to get fit.:rolleyes:
  4. JamesO

    What's in your bottle?

    Water Seems to do the trick. :)
  5. JamesO

    Rain Riding?

    What are your hints to riding in the rain? Do you use different tires? Do you have a routine after the ride to ensure that rust isn't a problem? Specifically how do you ensure that it won't rust? I pretty much have the keeping-the-cold-out problem covered (pun intended), but do you have any...
  6. JamesO

    Fat Loss For Junior

    eat less than you burn
  7. JamesO

    Clothing, computers, new bike.

    Thanks for the help. Much appreciated. I don't think I'll go a hybrid, because I'll be aiming to improve my fitness, from fairly fit to really fit. I want to be able to push myself, and travel long distances and times on it.
  8. JamesO

    Clothing, computers, new bike.

    Hi, I was wondering if I could have a bit of advice from you guys who have done this all before. I am just about to purchase a new road bike, mainly it will be used for fitness, group rides and maybe a few races. Also some commuting. My question is regarding the extras I will need to buy with...