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    Best Looking Female Cyclist?

    Leda Cox (click)
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    Name That Frame!!!

    it could be any one of a hundred brands originating from the one factory in Taiwan or China.
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    frame color

    .......or you could try the one; go to 'tech' then 'Paint Shop'.......
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    what is the best carbon fork?

    The fork tested by Tour magazine was the HSC1 in 1" version - an eight year old design. The other models tested were all designed years after the HSC1, so built to outperform the HSC1; which to fork manufacturers was regarded as the benchmark. Hardly surprising then, that it was outperformed by...
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    Zipp 404 tubular or clincher.

    Tubular is best. Just look at the weight saving on the rims alone. Reducing revolving weight is the best way to make performance gains.
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    what is the best carbon fork?

    LOOK HSC without a doubt. LOOK perfected the monocoque or 'all- carbon' fork way back in the mid-nineties. Everything else - Reynolds, Alpha Q, Time, 101 Taiwanese brands - is just imitation. They're built by hand, each fork comes with a copy of the test data that every fork undergoes...
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    frame size

    The basic formula for determining frame size is leg x .65. Your'e tall, so this is going to a bit out, but not by much. Using this formula, you'd need a 64cm frame C/C. When sizing up riders I'll normally work with other factors taken into account, such as frame tubing dimensions; crank length...
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    To many steels

    from personal experience, I'd say that the 2003 version of Dedacciai EOM 16.5KET is the best steel tubing available. It gives a wonderfully smooth ride, yet is stiff when needed. It builds into a 1450 gram frame which can be lowered in weight by adding carbon stays to around 1300 grams, less...
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    need advice

    Hey Dane, Glad you've got it working! Hope you are getting in plenty of Kilometers. See you on Team Fakta next year :) Neil, London.
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    Look pedals

    Hi plodder, The info you give about your pronation/suination (your foot naturally rolls to the outside) and the position at which your foot comes into contact with the crank are quite normal. Ultegra cranks have a slight oval section which is most noticable on the outer face. My ultegra cranks...
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    Look pedals

    At what point of the pedalling circle do your shoes rub? Think of the cranks as the hands of a clock. Do your shoes rub when the cranks are at 6 o'clock? Or 02.40?? or 04.50??? The reason I ask is this will help determine whether your cleats are misaligned or if the shoe drillings are out. LOOK...
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    Frame Geometry

    KACHUNK!!!!:) of course, it's the numbers for a 650c wheel frame. Haven't had to build one for a while, that's why it wasn't immediately obvious (to me anyway!) On the other hand, if it's not...... Neil
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    Frame Geometry

    are you sure these figures are correct? these numbers seem very, well, outside the norm. BB drop is usually around 70mm giving a BB height of around 263 depending on tyres used, and the head angle of 72 would normally be matched with a 45mm offset. Nevertheless, I'll draw it on a CAD program to...
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    You don't have to use an integrated fork, as any 1"1/8 fork will work, but it will just look better if you have a fork designed for integrated head tubes.
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    frame and fork alignment

    Follow the advice above. It's an easy job for a framebuilder to do, as all it needs is the fork dropout filed until the wheel drops in straight. It's easy for me to say because I've done it a thousand times, but you do need some experience to get it right. See your nearest framebuilder for help...
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    need advice

    it's the lever that controls the derailleur. So, if you move one click, it moves the rear gear the distance between two cogs, which is about 8mm. This distance is the same for all 7 speed Shimano systems, so as long as you have a 7 speed lever and a 7 speed cassette, then any shimano gear will...
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    need advice

    I think what you're referring to is the use of Dura Ace STI shifters. It was recommended that these only be used with the Dura-ace rear gear due to the higher spring rating (stiffer) than Ultegra or 105. There's no reason for you not to use Ultegra SIS shifters with a Dura-ace rear mech. Good...
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    SIDI Oversocks-'a la David Millar'

    Just cut a hole about half the width and length of the LOOK cleat, in an x shape. THen when you pull on the sock, it'll stretch round the cleat. I've never tried this, but I suppose you could seal the edges of the cut with a soldering iron to stop fraying. The material is synthetic, so it would...
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    Choice between Trek, Specialized and Giant entry level road bikes

    Go to the next level/model up and get all-Tiagra components. Tiagra has STI shifters which makes it compatible with 105, Ultegra and Dura-ace. Sora isn't. If you want to upgrade the components when they wear out, it'll be easier with Tiagra. The extra paid now will save you money a year down...
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    SIDI Oversocks-'a la David Millar'

    Ooops, should've gave you a few stockists. GB's usually have stock, likewise Xpedia and Condor. The UK distributor (Blue Ridge) will probably supply you direct too. Downside is they don't last too long when used as oversocks. Keep the cut-out for the cleat small - just cut a small X and push...