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  1. Ronnie

    Numb Bum - I need a new saddle

    Hi Rossoreduk You may be right. But then the theory should be that I have more natural cushioning, and that theory is shot! Anyway, I DID change saddles - over a year ago. I was and still am delighted with my new one (Selle Italia). Now that my bum is comfortable, I am working more on...
  2. Ronnie

    Are you in a club?

    Nope - no club. The clubs in my area are zooty and extremely intimidating: they advertise slow rides, but these seldom happen. For a beginner (and slower rider), there was nothing available, and so I just learnt how to enjoy my own company. (sob sob) To be honest, as a result, probably go...
  3. Ronnie

    South Africans living abroad!!!

    I love biltong that lifts me off my feet! Lazy legs, do you think VO2 gets biltong in Orion Nebula? That's definitely living abroad.
  4. Ronnie

    How's this?

    Wow - the bit that blows my mind is that to amputate his arm, he had to break his own bones! Could not cut through them. Makes me go weak at the knees .. and the wrist.
  5. Ronnie

    Argus 2003 - Results and Discussions

    The Argus web site says the following on the results pages: "Please note that although provisional positions have been calculated for the results produced by WinningTime, the organisers have chosen not to display these until queries have been finalised. Final positions will be displayed on the...
  6. Ronnie

    Cycling on the top of the world

    While searching my next holiday, I came across this: 3 guys who set the world record for cycling at the highest altitude - 7000m. They carried their bikes up a mountain in Western China called Mustagh Ata. I am not sure if I would call this recreational cycling. :eek: Check this out...
  7. Ronnie

    Polar S720i as a bikecomputer?

    Mmmm - took a long time to respond to this one, sorry. I just received my update mail and it is from registering on They say "The Polar Precision Performance Software 4 is now available. The first update version number is 4.00.021." Hope you are enjoying your HRM.
  8. Ronnie


    In humans it is the first milk produced by a breast-feeding mother, rich in protein and antibodies. It lasts for about 3 days until the normal milk starts to be produced. I can only assume that bovine colostrum is produced by cows for calves. I hear it's low in fat. I vaguely also recall that...
  9. Ronnie

    turbo trainer v rollers

    I have not done it myself, but a very tall friend with a very big frame HAS done it, and it works.
  10. Ronnie

    turbo trainer v rollers

    I have a Tacx Cycletrainer and I am very happy with it - same reasons as mattyd1500 above. I use it with my HRM, and cadence sensor but have not yet transferred my speed sensor to the rear wheel - which would help with motivation a great deal. The tacx web site has got workouts that you can...
  11. Ronnie

    Using a HRM properly

    Mutton Polar are holding a workshop in Joburg with the following brief: "From the basic foundations of intensity based training, to creating various training sessions and tracking your progress. The workshop is aimed at all heart rate monitor users or potential users looking at getting a better...
  12. Ronnie

    Argus Seedings

    Well - not me! I start a full hour after you at 9:17. Some of you will be finished or close to finishing before I even start. Anyway, my first Argus ON the bike rather than as a spectator, and looking forward to the sun (eish!) and the sea.
  13. Ronnie

    Formula 1 2003

    <br /><br />I once went to watch F1 racing at Kyalami a few years back (1994?) - it was the most boring race I have ever watched. Sat at the pits, but had no idea who was winning/losing. My advice to you Duckwah is to watch it on TV! If you insist on going to feel the **atmosphere**, take some...
  14. Ronnie

    Look v SPD pedals - which is better?

    <br />Ok - some anecdotal &quot;evidence&quot;: I ride with SPD's and I experience pain after about 60km on most rides - normally unclip and ride like that until the pain subsides. I have been advised to try to adjust the position of the cleat but it is already under the ball of my foot. I can...
  15. Ronnie

    Polar S720i as a bikecomputer?

    <br /><br />I have an S710 with cadence sensor, not S720, and I can switch the beep on or off, if my heart rate is outside my target zone. I can toggle the beep on or off by pressing the top left button down for a second or two. Perhaps try it with the S720i?<br /><br /> <br />By registering on...
  16. Ronnie

    So what now?

    <br /><br />Thanks, Old Timer <br />I need to start my ride really early tomorrow - 6am - to finish in time to do all the &quot;mom&quot; stuff that I have planned (karate gradings, buying a dual battery for a week in the bush - do you think they will let me take my bike with me to the Kruger...
  17. Ronnie

    Cry, my beloved country...

    Anthrax scare:<br />EDINBURGH (AP) --<br />Springbok rugby practice was delayed nearly two hours last week after a player reported finding an unknown white powdery substance on the practice field. Head coach Strauli immediately suspended practice while police and federal investigators were...
  18. Ronnie

    How did it go in the 94.7?

    <br /><br />Lab_Rat - women know everything! You passed me at the watering point near the R55.<br /><br />Thanks to all of you for your good words and congrats. As time passes, when I look back it seems like the race went better and better (is it stupidity or survival that allows me to blank out...
  19. Ronnie

    How did it go in the 94.7?

    Guys<br /><br />When I realised I was on the last hill, I was ecstatic! Exhausted, but I felt invincible!<br /><br />I am not going to disclose my time in public because it was VERY VERY long (and it can not even remotely come close to the guru times I have read about for the past few days :P)...
  20. Ronnie

    Numb Bum - I need a new saddle

    <br /><br />Or one of those guys who calls out the dance steps at a barn dance (no idea what the technical term is ..) ;D