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  1. Sn4fu

    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    Just picked this up yesterday. Two ride thus far, rides wonderful.
  2. Sn4fu

    Woot woot! Stuff found while cycling

    A best buy gift card worth $1.02 and some mexican dude's green card. Bet he had a bad day.
  3. Sn4fu

    Do you have a bike repair stand?

    Mine is a homebuilt made of cast iron with a park tools clamp attached. I think I got the clamp second hand from a bike shop for $20 and invested less than $25 at lowes for the rest. It bolts securely to my workbench and I can clamp the bike in any position I want with a quick adjustment on...
  4. Sn4fu

    Fear of road bike

    I get constantly harassed by the other riders in my local club for using old school pedals with straps. My answer is always the same, "You ride your bike, I'll ride mine. Oh, and I did whip your butt on that last hill if you recall..." If your husband won't do it, take it to a LBS. They may...
  5. Sn4fu

    List your height (inches) and frame size (cm)

    Height 6'1" Frame 58cm
  6. Sn4fu

    Coming soon to an October Surprise near you

    How do I add this annoying twerp to my ignore list? I can't seem to find it, and he's REALLY getting annoying
  7. Sn4fu

    Computer problems, if you know about computers please read.

    Hmm, I'll have to poke around the MS site some more. It used to be possible to just download the executeable manually, but I've forgotten how....
  8. Sn4fu

    Computer problems, if you know about computers please read. Click Go to download the executeable file. The service pack should fix your HDD issue.
  9. Sn4fu

    Building a bike from the ground up

    I suppose it depends on who you ask. I've built several dozen computers and 1 bike, and the bike was more difficult than the computers. With the Computer, you plug the parts in the right slot and they work. Not so with a bike, as there is a ton of fine tuning required that will make or break...
  10. Sn4fu

    Why my job is better then your!

    Wrestle any gators? No? He still wins then! :D
  11. Sn4fu

    I want plain black jerseys

    Thanks for the links folks, I see one or two good options. I've worn black before, and heat was never an issue, even in 100 degree KY weather, 100% humidity. And I'm not worried about being seen, if the car didn't see the other 30 cyclists, I was meant to be hit no matter what I'm wearing. I...
  12. Sn4fu

    I want plain black jerseys

    Doesn't sound so hard to find does it? I've just spent the better part of two hours looking for plain black, and couldn't find it. I did find 2-3 that are mostly black with a bit of white or grey, which is ok, but most of them were by Asso and are $150! Way more then I'm gonna spend. Anyone...
  13. Sn4fu

    Piece it together or buy a full bike?

    It's always better to buy the full bike. You will end up paying a more if you buy the components seperately. Waiting sucks, but you'll be better of saving up for it. There's pretty much zero chance of most new parts fitting that frame. If you buy in pieces, start with a frame.
  14. Sn4fu

    Anyone have the SRAM groupset yet?

    Looked at it today at a lbs, and it's pretty nice. The part I liked best is how it pulls back to the drops when you're in them, and quick shifts. Be very useful for sprints. It also seemed a little more ergo to my hands as well.
  15. Sn4fu

    Am I Mad???

    If you're going to put it in the garden, put it in some sort of watertight shed. Don't want to spend the money for a shed? Put it in the house/apartment. There are dozens of ways you can store it indoors without losing space. Break it down and store it in a closet. Hang it from the wall or...
  16. Sn4fu

    Beginner to Century Rider by August?

    Definitely doeable, just keep consistently upping your miles. If you can do 50, you can do 100, though don't expect to set any records. I know several riders in my local club who went 0-100 in the span of 2 months. Train hard and pace yourself, and you'll do it!
  17. Sn4fu

    CYCLING: Three Americanshave shot at Tour (Lexington Herald-Leader)

    Haha. This is my local paper. Considering they didn't even cover our local hundred race this year, I don't have a high opinion of their cycling judgement.
  18. Sn4fu

    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    That Columbus is a gorgeous bike. My first bike in 15 years, may not be top of the line, but I'm proud of her.
  19. Sn4fu

    Signs of addiction

    You know you're addicted when you find yourself watching clips frame by frame to see what kind of bike that was..... Link
  20. Sn4fu

    First Ride Questions

    I bought a specialized allez sport today and went on my first ride in nearly 15 years. Half an hour later, I was home again. I fully expected the burning lungs and legs, that's one of the reasons I decided to ride again. However, I am wondering if I've purchased the wrong size bike. I'm 6'1...