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  1. DarrenT

    newbie touring, have road bike only

    Is your bike fine? Yes, although other readers might say not ideal for touring. I did my first tour a few years back at 42 years of age. 140kms per day across Australia on a steel frame road bike and nothing as nice as a De Rosa. If you train for long days, then you will be used to your own...
  2. DarrenT

    Inappropriate Advertising?

    Hi GIFF07, Thanks for the explanation. Nice to know that this sort of advertising is not promoted or supported by the Cycling Forum site. I have also been contacted by Steve (Administrator) expressing similar concerns, ie. that they try to block inappropriate advertising, but sometimes...
  3. DarrenT

    Inappropriate Advertising?

    I realise it costs money to host a website, but I think the hosts of this site still need to be mindful of the advertisements being promoted. My current view shows "Smart drugs by mail" and "United Vet Equine - Horse Supplements and Supplies". For a site dedicated to cycling, with its already...
  4. DarrenT

    Australiian dersert nights

    Hugh, You are generally correct. I did the Perth to Sydney leg in August - September 2002, choosing that time & direction specifically for cooler temps and prevailing westerlies. Our group did the BoM research, got the anecdotal eveidence from some caravaners, but ended up with decent...
  5. DarrenT

    Roadie or Veteran?

    You’re a roadie if: You can identify bugs by their taste. You not only know the phone number for your local bike shop by heart, but can usually hum along with the music they play when they put you on hold. You meet a beautiful girl dressed in skin-tight spandex and one of the first ten words out...
  6. DarrenT

    £2000 Pound Handout

    Hey FredC, Didn't mean to fire you up like that. I guess I asked for it by not making myself clear. When I stated Australia hasn't completely broken free of our Colonial past, I meant that we still follow the Brits in many ways. I was not implying that we are still under Brit rule, and was not...
  7. DarrenT

    £2000 Pound Handout

    I think the same problems exist in Australia. We haven't completely broken free of our Colonial past. The generous and abused Social Security system here is surely a big contributing factor to our horrendously high levels of taxation. GST here is 10%, on top of personal income tax rates...
  8. DarrenT

    Should the Christian, Christmas be abolished?

    George, I think you've missed the point. Regardless of the commercialism spoiling Christmas, the right of children in this country to celebrate it is part of our heritage. I find it frustrating that our politicians are shying away from public celebrations of Xmas on the grounds that people of...
  9. DarrenT

    Training ON tour?

    I'd have to agree with EmmCeeBee, although I still remember plenty of other physical discomfort. Most riders are aware of the need to drink regularly, but I underestimated the need to eat regularly. In training, I can manage a 2-3 hour ride without eating. On the trip, the day-in day-out slog...
  10. DarrenT

    Training ON tour?

    Hi, I did a long trip 2 years ago with four others. Two of the group weren't able to train much before the trip and suffered tendonitis type injuries. One started having problems within about 2 days and the other after about 7 days. Both were very fit, but hadn't conditioned their bodies for...
  11. DarrenT

    Greasy hands

    Most auto supplies sell this type of stuff - Auto One, Supa Cheap Autos, etc.
  12. DarrenT

    Even the Canadians hate us!

    JBG, Don't tell everyone how good life is in Australia. They'll all want to move in!;)
  13. DarrenT

    Even the Canadians hate us!

    Final score Australia 36 - USA 24, after USA led 18-0 early in the game. Not a very convincing performance from the Australians when they're meant to be the best team in the world. Maybe they were jet-lagged, hung over, not interested or whatever, but they should be ashamed of that...
  14. DarrenT

    Even the Canadians hate us!

    James, you mentioned the Rugby Union, but left out the Rugby League. The Poms were a bit premature boasting that they would knock Australia off the top of the tree. I'd say going down 44-4 deserves some humble pie. You were very tactful to omit the League, as Australia is due to play the...
  15. DarrenT

    Have you ever broke a chain ?

    Once about 8 years ago, also on a steep hill. I'd love to claim my power was responsible, but the truth is that I'd bought the bike second hand. I don't know how old it was or how many k's were on it. It hasn't happened since and I haven't heard of it being a common problem. Bike...
  16. DarrenT

    Anyone ever hit a pedestrian?

    Haven't hit one yet, (touch wood), but I've been hit by a bike courier in the middle of Sydney's CBD. Typically, he was riding on the footpath and too fast for the area. He gave me a half-hearted "sorry" and rode off without stopping, but no injuries thankfully. Is it true that most bike...
  17. DarrenT

    Americans ONLY: Do you really care who foreigners think we should elect President?

    Interesting topic for a poll! Not everyone else in the world cares about the US election, which explains why I've browsed a few responses, but haven't taken the time to read everyone's replies. (Don't worry - I didn't vote on this poll, coz we don't want foreigners corrupting this poll or the...
  18. DarrenT

    panniers verses trailers

    There seems to be a common theme in the previous replies that compares panniers to the BOB trailer. The BOB isn't the only option. There is also the Koolstop Wilderbeast. Its very similar to the BOB, but has different connections to the bike frame. I toured with two other riders, one with the...
  19. DarrenT

    Riding accross Australia

    There's plenty of water available all the way across, but from Roadhouses. These usually carry supplies just like any other petrol station, so they sell water in bottles up to about 1.5L and were charging up to $3.60 each, two years ago. That way you can expect to spend more than $400 on...