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  1. mysilver70sekai

    Cross-Threaded crank?! Help!

    So...I moved back to boston for school and since i didn't bring a bike with me i was looking for anything that i could find to fill the void. And I did. On September 1st all of the college kids move back to the neighborhoods and the new leases all start. So the night before, everyone dumps all...
  2. mysilver70sekai

    Sometimes I hate riding...

    I have never experienced a "jam"...however sometimes when i am far away from home i wish that i had not gone out on my bike. After a few more miles the feeling goes away. Maybe this is close to the same feeling. Or once i missed my clipless and thought that i was in and took all of my weight to...
  3. mysilver70sekai

    Which cassette?

    Thanks, tomorrow i'm getting a manicure and my eyebrows waxed
  4. mysilver70sekai

    Health Question: Am I sick?!

    Yeah, i think that's what the doctor ordered. Thanks Goodnight. Aaron
  5. mysilver70sekai

    How much does your bike cost?

    FREE!! I'm riding a bike that i found in my garage. A mint condition 1970s silver Sekai Sprint 1000(with original casette and dia-compe, suntour components), hence the handle. I put about $250 in new and used gear including seat(used Selle HyperPro), post, stem(w/ 4" extension JD)...
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    Health Question: Am I sick?!

    Yeah, the fact that the stuff that i coughed up was clear told me that i didn't have a lung infection. The only time that i can remember feeling like this was in high school playing hours of broomball in the arena...and i was a heavy smoker back then. I hadn't felt this kind of lung restriction...
  7. mysilver70sekai

    Health Question: Am I sick?!

    I got on my bike today and after about 10min i noticed that i couldn't get a full lung of air...i thought that maybe it would go away if i kept riding and so i continued on my loop. After a bit longer i noticed that i had this gross metallic taste in my mouth and i was producing some clear...
  8. mysilver70sekai

    Getting over crashes

    I did that a few times this season...once at a stoplight next to a weight shifted and i started to go over on my clipped-in side...there was nothing i could do about it, i just looked next to me at a driver as he watched me go probably took me about 8sec to fall, it was that...
  9. mysilver70sekai

    Squealing brakes?

    I caught a bug between my breaks and the wheel(what are the chances) and the squealing was terrible. The bug must have left the rim sticky or something...i'll try to clean the bug bits off of it with alcohol, that sounds like a good idea. I thought that this was related and maybe interesting...
  10. mysilver70sekai

    Cadence and Pedals

    The rest of Sheldon's Website is out of this world...i had a good laugh check out the page about his hats. I really liked that one. Aaron PS: I use Time Equippe Sport clipless pedals...or something like that...they work well
  11. mysilver70sekai

    Which cassette?

    no idea Big one in the front...second smallest in the back That's all i know Aaron
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    Am I a poser or are Roadies snobs???

    I am a big fan of a combo's half mini-wave and half headnod. When i first started riding(3mos ago) i was rocking a jersey from a local bike joint and i noticed that i was getting ignored and treated oddly by the guys and gals with the nice rides. So i switched to a tight-fitting T...
  13. mysilver70sekai

    Worlds Worst Drivers

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!...I can picture it That is the funniest thing i have ever read on this forum Thanks for the laugh!!!! On the topic though... The twin cities are very friendly for cyclists. 75% of the roads that i bike on have bike paths and most drivers(except for the ones swerving...
  14. mysilver70sekai

    National Bike Registry

    When i cleaned up my bike (ie took all of the cheesy stickers off of it) i left one sticker...this small red and silver reflective sticker certifies that in 1973 someone registered my bike in the state of is the only way that i can get some kind of date as of how old my bike is...
  15. mysilver70sekai

    What's your age, when did you start riding?

    You should check out Minnesota...but don't come in the winter!!
  16. mysilver70sekai

    Do you use a protein supplement?

    I started riding in order to burn off extra calories, which i was consuming in order to build muscle mass for high-impact strength training with weights. I found out that my body would build more muscle and recover better from these workouts if i took a whey protien with added BCAA and vitamins...
  17. mysilver70sekai

    How do you tackle a hill?

  18. mysilver70sekai

    OLN: Is Bob Roll A Hack?

    Thanks for the support. ...and after watching a majority of the coverage of the tour on OLN, i did soften up to Bob. It was good to have some history about him, i was able to understand more of where he was coming from and i have to admit that some of his commentary was quite interesting...
  19. mysilver70sekai

    OLN: Is Bob Roll A Hack?

    Thanks for clearing that up for me, i had no idea about his credentials...i feel stupid for putting this poll up... He just reminds me of the american commentators for international soccer, they just talk about stupid stuff the whole time the event is going on and spit out useless facts and...
  20. mysilver70sekai

    my butt is killing me

    Man, my butt is so sore today...i was starting at a stoplight and i thought that my cleat was in the pedal, but it wasn' i stood up and started cranking away and my foot slipped off the pedal on the heel-side and the tip of the seat jammed up into my taint(aka: grundle). I had to take a...