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  1. Oliver Jeff

    Freway ebike: a good helper for your commuting and partner in your life

    According to the on-line research which has been done by Portland State, e-bikes are becoming more prevalent in North American, this phenomenon in turn help get more people biking and biking more often. Its popularity vary at gender, age, earnings and etc., and people in some profession are...
  2. Oliver Jeff

    Freway: a new beginning from ces 2016 in las vegas

    If there is anyone who are wondering what is the breaking news in the electronic consumption domain in the last few days, the CES must be the one that be mentioned mostly. As one of well-known show in the world, the show has attracted many successful high-tech companies to join in Las Vegas, and...
  3. Oliver Jeff

    How Wide Are You're Handlebars?

    the different bikes have theirs handlebars,just you like it
  4. Oliver Jeff

    Mountain Biking For Me

    good job
  5. Oliver Jeff

    Freway (fvs): We Say No #short-lasting Distance Or Physical Over-consumption

    seems like very awesome,but I wonder if there has already been the bike in the market
  6. Oliver Jeff

    Freway: We Focus On The Bike, Is Now And The Future

    the information about Freway is arising fast recently ,and the other day, I click its website,found it feature in some parts is no difference from others,the only one inspire me is its battery pack, it told the battery can last more time than others,and I think it is convincing
  7. Oliver Jeff

    Freway Ebike: Zero Tolerance For The Traffic Jam

    thanks for your reply,Freway eBike is a three-level padel assistant MTB, it suits to people that have different demands. like the issue you have, it will help you in some degree,in consideration of the absent of your exact distance,i think the battery can guarantee that,in case of low battery...
  8. Oliver Jeff

    Freway Ebike: Zero Tolerance For The Traffic Jam

    Overview: Is traffic a contemporary urban phenomenon or can we trace its roots back to ancient times? How can congestion be alleviated? The article is not talk about the serious condition in traffic, but to give you some views about the eBike –way traveling. Background: The traffic jam have...
  9. Oliver Jeff

    Freway Ebike ?do You Hear About That

    as far as I know,the eBike means pushing the pedal, the legs must to work with the pedaal assistant system to control the bike
  10. Oliver Jeff

    Contrast Of Several Ebikes

    here is the problem, everyone has his or her own incliantion to the eBike,its well performance is most important for me,and the price is also my concern, but I think it's difficult to choose a good eBike,
  11. Oliver Jeff

    Contrast Of Several Ebikes

    so do I ,but what concerns me most is whether the real price it charge is ture, the price is pretty low for the electric bike.
  12. Oliver Jeff

    Contrast Of Several Ebikes

    the eBike taht I wanna to buy is just for a less cost but a good performance bike,anyway,thanks for the share