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  1. tingle_wayne


    Does anyone else use rollers to train indoors? I just got some and i like them but somtimes i get bored. I'm kinda afraid to stand up on them. I also fell into the stove yesterday. What do you do to get a good workout?
  2. tingle_wayne

    Tour de Cure

    I just did the Tour de Cure in Orlando, Fl. I found the support to be pretty good and the mapped route to be nice as well. The ada is a good org. It seemed to mostly depend on who's running it
  3. tingle_wayne

    Lines/Mottos That Make You Push

    I usually go with "pain is weakness leaving your body" Then I use "I'm better than you are" Then I go with "Oh my god I just popped a lung"
  4. tingle_wayne

    Sometimes you eat the bear and...

    I think you did everything right. I get sick of idiot motorists who are under 19 and think they're superman. Score one for us.
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    Maybe controversial questions

    Here in beautiful florida it's never neccessary to wear underwear for warmth. Once I had to wear sleeves and after about and hour I had to take those off cause I was too hot. That was about two weeks ago. Any way I don't put anything under my lycra, and when I run out of lycra I have an...
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    Looking for home build rollers

    let me know if you find some plans. I'd like to build some rollers too.
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    I read somewhere that you can make you rown rollers. Does anyone know anything about this?
  8. tingle_wayne

    How much does your bike cost?

    I bought a 05 Bianchi Brava from my LBS for about 450 bucks. After shoes and pedals it was about $550. It was a great deal and it sounds like you got one too. Congratulations!
  9. tingle_wayne

    Newbie Bike Question

    I know a guy who owns a cannondale who has the same problem. He was actually tracking and he got his foot stuck behind his tire. Now that he knows this, he's fine. Most of the time you won't turn your wheel that much. I think the average for people falling due to clipless pedals is about five...
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    my first century

    I feel the same way. I usually try to eat a bar just before i ride and thats it. I suspect that won't be good enough on a long ride. Drinking while on the bike proves to be a bit tricky. Also my legs and feet tend to cramp up after about 20 miles.
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    What is a cramp and how do I get rid of it? I was pushing myself pretty hard yesterday, and both my legs and feet cramped up. I was still a fair distance from my truck, so I slowed down a bit and rode it out, but today I still have sore spots in my muscles.
  12. tingle_wayne

    my first century

    I'm doing my first century in april. What can i do as i incorporate longer rides to be better?
  13. tingle_wayne

    Help Me!!!

    Thats funny.
  14. tingle_wayne

    Your best Joke

    I'm tired of being the only one around who dosn't know any jokes, so please send me your jokes. I will tell them at the office and not give you any credit, but at least you know you helped. Here's the only joke I know Two muffins are about to be baked in an oven. After they get put on the...
  15. tingle_wayne

    How do you determine if you are average?

    I can clear all this up for you. You ARE average, (just like everyone else).
  16. tingle_wayne

    Survey: Best Place in US to Live as a Cyclist

    Central Florida - Clermont and Astatula area (sugarhill mountain). Great climate, lots of trail, drivers are so so. I can cycle in January with no sleeves, jacket, or clothes if i so desired. Nice and warm
  17. tingle_wayne

    Anyone in Florida?

    Orlando, about an hour away.
  18. tingle_wayne

    Avg. speed?

    tt mode? huh?
  19. tingle_wayne

    Hi all (new member)

    Hi Reib, I'm also new (both to biking and this forum).
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    Stories about drivers