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  1. IanD

    Pain on the outside of my left knee

    Hello all, Lately I've been experiencing pain on the outside of my left leg. I thought at first it might have been the running that I've started to do (thinking about doing a sprint tri) so I stopped that for a while. That has not changed my condition at the moment. After about 2 hours I can...
  2. IanD

    Comments regarding S&S Couplers

    All, Looking for riders who have had there bikes retrofitted with these couplers and to read pluses and minuses to this procedure. I'm looking to installing the couplers to my Colnago Mexico. Thanks! Ian
  3. IanD

    Polar 720 question...

    All, Just purchased a Polar s720i and got everything installed. Checked for the emitting lights on both the speed and cadence. After pressing the red start button and acquiring a heartbeat. Once riding however, I just do not recieve any changes to speed/cadence and such. They just keep showing...
  4. IanD

    Training Routes in Oakville, ON

    All, I'm planning on moving to Oakville, Ontario and I was looking for some possible training routes. There doesn't seem to be an abundance of bicycle lanes there. I'm from San Diego and here almost all the lanes have bicycles lanes with alot of varied terrain within cycling distance. I'm...
  5. IanD

    Mavic lockring question...

    All, I have a set of Ksyrium SSL SC with a campy freehub. Anyhow, the freehub came with a mavic lockring. I was wondering if I could possibly use this in place of the standard Campy lockring for a 13-29 cassette ? Thanks, Ian
  6. IanD

    Average Speed of professional racer

    Thanks for the response! Again, as I see races on dvd and TV, I am just amazed as to the length of some of these sustained attacks, especially when the peloton goes uphill on the last hill climb of a 4+ hour race. I can normally do about 25mph for about 30min - tops! Otherwise I average maybe...
  7. IanD

    Average Speed of professional racer

    All, This has probably been discussed before but here goes... I was wondering what is the average speed of a pro rider on the flats and what's the average speed during climbing ? Just wanted to see how fast goes are really churning... Thanks, Ian
  8. IanD

    Seatpost shim for 27.0 to a 28.0

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could point to a company that makes a plastic seatpost shim to fit a 27.0 seatpost that will fit a 28.0 diameter ? I'm looking to replace my stock seatpost on my C40 and well as can tell, it's non-standard. Thanks, Ian
  9. IanD

    Opinion on the NEW triathlon bike

    Click on the URL It gives all of the Cervelo dealers in Canada. By the way, my girlfriend purchased a Cervelo One - their entry level tri bike. She loves it. Got it here in San Diego (Nytro store) and had it shipped. Custom came to about $100 US I believe.
  10. IanD

    C40 durability

    They are asking for $2400 - which I also felt is bit much even tho it's brand spankin new, never been built. Fortunately, I picked up an early 2003 C-40 AD-22 for alot less! Just gotta pickup some extra parts, transfer my components from my other frame and build it up! Oh Yeah! Ian in SanDiego
  11. IanD

    Installing an FSA Italian BB 70x108

    All, I'm helping a friend replace a Campy BB with a FSA Italian thread BB (70x108) into his frame. The bb will be installed into an aluminum bb shell (sp?). In terms of preping the FSA bb, I understand that: 1) Place a threadlocker/Loctite type substance on the threads of the BB 2) Install...
  12. IanD

    Road Wheels, Kysrium SL or Eurus

    I've got a set of the 04 Ksyriums. I used to ride the 2001 Ksyriums until I got a pair of the 04's. The 04's are definitely stiffer than the 01's. I'm about 175 and ride a litespeed. Never tried the Zurus but I have rode the Neutrons for 100 miles. The neutrons are bit more forgiving but I...
  13. IanD

    any good bike shops around Santa Monica?

    You should also try Helen's Cycles - Another bike shop just 10 minutes south is Circle Cycle - Ian in SanDiego
  14. IanD

    C40 durability

    All, I'm trying to get an idea on the durability of C40 Bstays. My local LBS has a Limited Edition World Champion 2002 Bstay model. I'm looking for C40 owners who ride their C40's 'regularly' - no racing etc - just normal 40 - 100 mile rides. I've been saving up the money and have been looking...
  15. IanD

    Carbon Fiber Frame...

    I was perusing the internet tonite and saw this -> Could not find any info on Deda's website about this stuff though. I placed an email to LBS for all the normal info -> warranty, price, time to build, frame testing after build... Whaddya peeps think ...
  16. IanD

    Can you mate Campy ergo shifters with shimano?

    Moser, I'm currently using '03 Campy Record 10sp ErgoPower levers, Campy 10sp FD double, Campy 10sp RD long cage mated to an Ultegra cassette 9spd 12-27 and Dura-Ace 9spd chain and have not any problems so far after 300 miles. Regards, Ian
  17. IanD

    Lengthening Cateye Astrale 8 ?

    All, I currently have a Cateye Astrale 8 which has both the speed/cadence pickups. Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone has been able to lengthen the speed sensor monitor. The reason I am asking is because I would like to mount this sensor to my rear wheel in order to get speed and such when I'm...
  18. IanD

    Looking for Merckx MXM Riders

    All, Looking for anyone who has owns a Merckx MXM looking for feedback on this carbon gem. Thanks, Ian
  19. IanD

    shimano-campagnolo compatible?

    This will not work. Shimano front/rear derailleurs are designed for indexed shifting. What will work is the following: Record 10 ergolevers, Record 10 front/rear derailleur, Shimano 9spd cassette (ultegra) and Shimano 9spd chain (ultegra) <- My current setup. Match the chain to the cassette.
  20. IanD

    What's the difference?

    I found a website that actually had some literature on the SSC's - - it's kinda hard to read. Hears what it contains: *SSC - 740g front, 885g rear, profiled rim, SUP welded, MAXTAL, FORE concept, Integrated freewheel hub with new FTS L system...