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  1. Jim

    help me with your comments about my website - thanx!

    Some fantastic looking kit there. Looks like you've got good products. Here are some comments on the site... Be wary of using colours that don't provide contrast. One out of five men are colour blind, one out of twenty women. They won't see black on red. Many will also have trouble with the...
  2. Jim

    Anyone else ride with their dog?

    I love the trailer idea. I've been thinking about the trailer because my dog get's a bit lazy with the commute section between trail and home. Her breed can run 40km in a day, but really, unless there's birds to chase and swimming holes to jump in she's not much interested.
  3. Jim

    How do you wash your bike after a ride?

    I'm with its_stuart. Funny man. I wipe the fork legs and wax the chain, sometimes.
  4. Jim

    Wild Animal Encounters?

    I saw a koala yesterday. It actually surprises me that, despite Australia's reputation, we have very few dangerous animals. Sure, we have more venomous snakes and spiders than most of the world put together, but you're never actually bothered by them. Their existence seems to be an...
  5. Jim

    Anyone else ride with their dog?

    Hey guys, good to hear you're taking the four legged friend along, but a word of warning. I regularly take out my mutt (a whippet-like kelpie bitza) who revels in the running and doesn't mind the heat much either. I used to have a kelpie/collie and he was a bit woolier, and sometimes suffered...
  6. Jim

    Haro Extreme X2 - good bike???

    I reckon that's a great bike for $500. Can you really get it for $500? I'm quite jealous. I'm sure it costs way more in Oz.
  7. Jim

    Giant or Learsport????

    Have a look at the DK General Lee 24". Sure, there's no suspension there, and no gears, but you get a bike that'll take the knocks and come back for more. You'll get street cred by the bucket load and the best introduction to off-road riding you can get for the money. And you'll get it for $400...
  8. Jim

    Haro Extreme X2 - good bike???

    Australian Mountain Bike magazine reviewed the bike recently and the review was certainly good enough to get my attention. Try get yourself a copy of the mag if you can. They liked it, and for the price I can't say I've seen anything better. I'd worry about the x-fusion rear shock, never having...
  9. Jim

    Who make a Good CroMO MT bike?

    I can vouch for the Jamis cro-mo. I have the Jamis Dakota XC and I think it's great. The ride is a vast improvement on my alu Specialized. I've upgraded the suspension to Rock Shox Psylo, so I'm often riding my XC bike with 125mm of travel. To the bike's credit it handles it beautifully. Try...
  10. Jim

    allow myself to introduce.......myself

    I think you have an awesome bike. It's right up there with my tip shop special, which I was lucky enough to pick-up for $10 because some heathen was cruel enough to throw away a perfectly good bike. It has one speed, back-peddle brakes, a lugged frame, one mudguard and a lovely blue paint-job...
  11. Jim

    can anyone explain avid's Speed Dial?

    Allo, I have to confess that I didn't read the article by Sheldon Brown. It looked lengthy and immoderately technical. I still say that if you require more movement of the lever for any given movement of the brakes (ie -- the thingy dialled in) then you have an increase in modulation. Try...
  12. Jim

    can anyone explain avid's Speed Dial?

    I think we're confusing ourselves by discussing physics rather than brakes. This we know for sure: With the cam dialled out any given movement of the brake lever will result in a greater amount of cable pulled than with the cam dialled in. (Think back to the bar analogy.) There will be...
  13. Jim

    can anyone explain avid's Speed Dial?

    Thanks fonseca, for the defense. Think of a large metal bar about two metres long. Tie a rope to the top and pull it toward you. The effort required to pull on that rope will be greatest and the distance moved the most. Now tie a rope somewhere near the bottom. Moving the metal bar the same...
  14. Jim

    can anyone explain avid's Speed Dial?

    The speed dial moves the little cam that the cable attaches to, thereby moving the point of leaverage. When the cam moves to the top of the leaverage point (ie, away from the handlebars) the brakes are stronger but less precise. As you dial the thing down towards the bars the you get more...
  15. Jim

    have you guys used Tubeless System convertion kit?

    AMB (Australian Mountain Bike magazine) have reviewed the product favourably. There is a supplier for Oz and I believe there is a new kit for DH tyres.
  16. Jim

    Is it normal for your back to hurt when riding a mtn. bike?

    Simply dropping the seat post may not be a great idea. It could transfer the pain elsewhere, like your knees. The old rule of thumb for setting the height of a seat post is: sitting on the saddle with the peddles at 12 and 6 o'clock your heal should be resting on the bottom peddle with a...
  17. Jim

    How to remove crown race

    Follow Xavier's advice. Use patience and perserverence.
  18. Jim

    Fork removal

    Don't worry, you're no tool. I've done about a half-dozen of these and sometimes they come out real easy and sometimes they hang on for grim death. Last one I did was in the latter catergory. Eventually I lost patience with it and against my better judgement banged it on the head with a...