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  1. Traumadoc

    Lance's New Team

    I wouldn't say no consequence to Contador. If you remember the stage where Contador made his first mountain move, it was Armstrong who hung back on the tail of people chasing him and held them up. Additionally, Armstrong is arguably one of the most successful team time trial riders of all time...
  2. Traumadoc

    Lance's New Team

    Can't do it anymore? He trained nine months after being away for three and one half years and finished with Contador and Schleck on Mount Ventoux. I wish I "didn't have it" like that. Contador was clearly stronger in the time trials and mountains Contador, Schleck, Armstrong, Wiggins, and...
  3. Traumadoc

    Crazy Whacko Question(s)

    Most hybrid bikes have mountain bike gear ratios. The front chain rings are usually smaller so at the same cadence, the bike will be slower. For example, on my hybrid bike on the large front chain ring and the seventh sprocket on the rear (max'd out) on the flat doing about 75 rpm, I will be...