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  1. richgfcst

    Tips on keeping your energy level up during a ride

    :ooops, my suggestions are for rides greater than 3 hours.
  2. richgfcst

    cycling in cold weather

    I cycle when the roads are clear of snow/ice and its above 28 degrees farenheit. Many good suggestions, bike clothing which draws sweat away from body seems to work best. Booties. When it is below freezing, I put the chemical foot warmers in my booties. This past winter was with a rider...
  3. richgfcst

    Tips on keeping your energy level up during a ride

    Read Hammers little booklet "The Endurance Athelete's Guide to Success". Just started to use this approach on past 4 century+ rides. It is working for me. Since using the guidance more consistant energy on the bike, no more bloating. My biggest learnings were 1. Avoiding Excess Hydration 2...
  4. richgfcst

    Cholesterol and high blood pressure ripoffs

    Wish it was that easy to lower bad cholesterol. Both my Father and Grandfather had high cholesteral and died of heart problems. My Dad died at 59 my Grandfather died at 102. My Dad's diet was similar to your suggestion.The major difference between the two was the degree of physical activity. I...
  5. richgfcst

    Garmin Edge305 Cadence Sensor battery change

    Just a friendly reminder, :o When changing the battery on the Garmin Edge 305 wireless cadence sensor, RE-Link the Cadenece Sensor -> Mode to Settings to System to Accessories select Restart Scan.