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  1. pearsbent

    PS3 vs. Wii vs. XBox 360

    My Xbox 360 Vs. Ps3 Vs. Wii Review However, I understand your viewpoint from the technical perspective but it all depends on how you look at it from both the technical and gaming perspective. Both are very close between the 360 and the PS3. I also believe that the PS3 has a slight advantage on...
  2. pearsbent

    How to convert YouTube to iPhone for Mac

    This tutorial shows you how to rip DVDs to iTunes format, convert DVD to iTunes friendly video/audio format on Mac OS X and transfer DVD movies to iTunes library for syncing to iPod, iPhone, Apple (NSDQ:AAPL) TV using Clone2Go DVD to iTunes Converter for Mac. Thanks..
  3. pearsbent

    AVG. Speed?

    Average speed is irrelevant really unless you live somewhere 100% flat or consistently ride the same route without any interruptions. I can have a steady ride and average 18mph over an hour on the flat but have a blistering leg burner on some of the local hills and only average 12mph, surely...
  4. pearsbent

    What was your first car?

    The first car I ever owned was a green 1970 Chevy Nova. I was 18 and I bought it for $3,000 and owned it for about 15 years. The car I traded it for was carp. Thanks.