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  1. valvan

    Heart Rate Monitor Accuracy

    i noticed today when i was ridding around power lines my heart rate monitor shot up to 260bpm when i was doing a zone 2 ride so always look at your surroundings. also make sure your shirt does not get underneath the sensors for this can cause errors also.
  2. valvan

    Your favorite rider?

    oops my bad it was at tirreno:o YouTube - Tyler Farrar Wins Over Mark Cavendish in the Third Stage at Tirreno-Adriatico
  3. valvan

    Your favorite rider?

    Got to give support for the guy from the home state, tyler farrar loved watching him beat cavendish at tirreno last year and seems to be having a good season so far this year.
  4. valvan

    problem with rear derailleur

    ok so recently ive been having trouble with my rear derailleur whenever i pedal the bike always acts likes its shifting gears except in the two lowest gears and whenever i have it in those gears i get a ticking sound. i took the bike into the shop last weekend and got everything lubed and a few...
  5. valvan

    Bicycling Training Plans To Help Cyclists .How to ride 10-30% faster?

    all i see is some crappy clip art and the words "you can go faster"
  6. valvan

    2010 Amgen Tour of California: Stage 7: Los Angeles Individual Time Trial

    anyone know where i can find the results of the triathletes that participated?
  7. valvan

    Your daily eating routine.....

    due to the fact that i am in college, my eatting routine is simplified as nomnomnomnomnom anytime possible. if i was to go into more detail would be about 4 meals a day.
  8. valvan

    The weight loss challenge

    currently weight: 74kg goal: 71-72kg height:6ft first year racing also if someone wanted to chart weight loss between everyone it probably could be by percent of weight loss achieved
  9. valvan

    Your thoughts on strength training for the legs

    Just a thought what if instead of strength training, you train with a heavier bike would that have any benefits?
  10. valvan

    the copenhagen wheel

    i believe this is what your talking about and it is a cool concept. The Copenhagen Wheel
  11. valvan

    new to cycling

    don't need to bother to much with the gym membership the college im at has a cardio room that is open to all students
  12. valvan

    new to cycling

    the bike shop i plan on buying my bike from has no drop rides on Sunday and that is were i plan to start. Next year i should be able to do some meet the team rides unfortunately they end this month and i was unable to join due to schedule, plus showing up with a walmart bike or my dads old...
  13. valvan

    new to cycling

    Ok so i am soon going to invest in a road bike, i have narrowed it down to the scott speedster s40 and i plan on racing in the 2010 season. So far i have been doing lots of hills and base miles i can do 35-40miles. I feel that i am ready to start actually training with hills, intervals...
  14. valvan

    Britain's Greatest?

    don't forget Bradley Wiggins
  15. valvan

    new to cycling

    i guess, im going out tomorrow to test ride more bikes, i never realized how many brands their are until i actually started looking.
  16. valvan

    new to cycling

    the part im confused on also is say the scott speedster s50 and the s40 their is a price difference of about $100 would it be worth it?
  17. valvan

    new to cycling

    i have considered buying used but i think id feel safer buying from a bike shop for my first road bike.
  18. valvan

    need help training

    Is it better to train by hours or mileage. For example, Tuesday i go out and train for 3 hrs or i go out and ride 35miles with no time limit?
  19. valvan

    Lance's New Team

    what about tyler farrar that guy with a great team behind him would definitely be cool to see.
  20. valvan

    new to cycling

    ok so i have recently decided to enter the world of cycling. Im looking to buy my first road bike this year and i want to go into some category 5 races. As of right now im running around confused:confused:. I went to the local trek deal and they weren't any help because all the employees seem to...