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  1. jonuck

    Renshaw out for headbutting

    I have managed to review the interview between Robbie Ventura and Julian Dean! ... interestingly it is currently "Unavailable" and Julian's reaction is muted and he implied that "These things happen In Sprints" and is indicative of at least the part he himself played in it! ... Renshaw got a bum...
  2. jonuck

    Renshaw out for headbutting

    I concur! .. watching two different angles in the one Deans elbows are definitely where they shouldn't be and the other angle shows three separate moves to the left to occur the wobblehead reaction! .......... the apparent move toward Farrar may well have been consequence reaction and not...
  3. jonuck

    Fixies/SS; Fad? or Forever?

    I am an oldtimer! .. just like your Dad! ... maybe even older:rolleyes: but I have to disagree that a Fixed Wheel is a fad in the context that I think you mean! ... as a teenager in the late forties and early fifties I used to tool my Claude Butler around the highways and byways of my English...
  4. jonuck

    Contador back to his old ways

    I can't help but shake my head at some of the comments! .......... for three years we have had a feeble replica of what The Grand Tour should be and now with a quietly spoken Yank the fizz is back! ......... above all Lance Armstrong is the definitive proffessional racing cyclist and no one can...
  5. jonuck

    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    A bit belated entering this thread but I just noticed your late 70's Fuji! ....... did you finish the frame yourself or did you have done professionally? ........ I acquired a 1980 Fuji in a Garage sale a few years ago and I restored it adding many new/used parts and I refinished the frame...
  6. jonuck

    Do you think lance is doping? yes or no

    Absolutely not! - Intelligent training regimen, Attention to details and superb Teamwork are reasons for this ultimate Athletes success.
  7. jonuck

    How much does your bike weigh??

    My 1981 Fuji road bike with Shimano chainset, gears, brakes and Wolber rims comes in at 22lbs.
  8. jonuck

    Shifters used with drop bars

    I am using shifters mounted on my handlebar stem, the rear shifter is indexed. My bike is a 1980's Fuji with Shimano 105, seems to work OK for me but I think the downtube position would be much more suitable. jonuck. ;)