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  1. p4lse

    Help Me With This Survey! Short And Easy!

    Well, I just finished the survey. It wasn't that long and the questions were very simple. Cheers!
  2. p4lse

    Friends And Hobbies

    I can feel your pain. I'm currently in college and if i mention cycling, suddenly i'll feel left out. But that doesn't stop me from cycling. Cycling became something I do alone just to relax myself and I don't share much about it.
  3. p4lse

    New to the site!

    Hey Mike, I'm Godwin and I have been here for only a week. Its really awesome and I already learned a lot of things. Welcome aboard!
  4. p4lse

    Where are you from,what do you do?

    I'm from India and I'm 21 years old. I am going to finish my college this year and I ride casually for fun. I occasionally do long rides with some friends when I get the time.
  5. p4lse

    What kind of cake do you like?

    Reading this thread makes my mouth watery. I love getting my hands on butterscotch cake with a little bit of chocalte syrup. It just melts in my mouth especially after a long ride.
  6. p4lse

    Girls night out

    I heard this joke around 4 years ago but I forget it over time. Now, I can share this again with my circle of friends, thanks!
  7. p4lse

    fun never ends

    I will be quite frank with you but most of these jokes are really old and repeated. They're not that funny, sorry.
  8. p4lse

    Interested in writing about pro-cycling?

    I love writing and I love cycling, so I really wanna try to combine both of these, but procastination tends to get in the way.
  9. p4lse

    Cycling on tv?

    Yes, pretty much this. is the go-to site to view the games. I, myself have been watching there for quite a while.
  10. p4lse

    Any vegitarians on here?!

    Vegetarian here. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables because I have to compensate for the loss of proteins and everything else present in non-vegaterian foods like chicken,mutton etc. It definitely has its plus points though, I don't consume unncessary calories and the food I eat gets digested...
  11. p4lse

    What is the right age to start cycling?

    16 is like perfect to start. But, I'd say any age above 5 is alright. I started riding while I was 7. My inital goal was to go to school all by myself without relying on others. It took me 2 months to practise and get it going.
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    Hi, New Girl here.

    Hello Elaine, welcome to the community! Glad cycling has had its positive effects on you and wish you all the best in this newly chosen endeavour of yours.
  13. p4lse

    A Nerd and His New Bike

    Wait, I just read the exact same joke in this forum with another title. For a second, you had me confused and wait for another ending to this joke.
  14. p4lse

    Cycling Joke

    Haha that last line, the joke was good enough without it but that last line makes this a definite crowd pleaser. I'd totally save this 1 and tell my friends tomorrow. Thanks a ton.
  15. p4lse

    My penis gets numb when I ride...

    Occasionally, get up and get down from the seat while riding without getting down. Don't sit idle for more than 5 minutes. Try to not focus on this too much and just enjoy riding like you always do, if you don't get distracted, you'd probably forget this.
  16. p4lse

    Hobbies Besides To Cycling?

    I play a lot of computer games. When I'm not cycling, you can find me on my PC. One of the games I play a lot is DotA 2. I have played countless hours and will do so, the game's literally amazing. Some other hobbies include watching movies,socializing etc.
  17. p4lse

    I can't afford to do what I love

    Well as for me, I don't really have all those equipments that you mentioned nor have I included myself in any of those clubs. I just have my cycle and basic stuffs but I ride everyday. I enjoy cycling by myself and being free having the air fly on my cheeks. You could definitely enjoy doing what...
  18. p4lse

    Where are you from?

    Hello, I am Richard from India. Cheers!
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    Damn! I thought it was gonna be one of those cliché jokes but this one was genuinely funny!
  20. p4lse

    What is your favourite documentary? It can be either a TV show/series or movie.

    My favourite documentary undoubtedly is Planet Earth. It gives a complete and satisfying feeling watching the creation and adversities of the very planet we live in. Watching it in a single stretch is one of the most amazing experiences ever.