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    Questions for Cannondale owners

    i think it is 99 or at best 2000 so ye why do u want to know what year it is??.
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    Shimano Components Question

    hello mate i run DA10 speed and i got one of the very first shipments in aust in mid oct last year. now i havent had any trouble with mine besides the gears like i mean the gears have to be set rite cause if they are just out a little they play up realy bad. but if you have the gears set...
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    What is the best cornering tyre in the wet ?

    conti supersonics
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    14 Pound bike anyone?

    well heres some thing for you to look at then if you like light bikes this is the states of my bike that is up for sale as well so anyone who would like to buy it feel free to send me a message this a stand caad 5 cannondale frame thats just over 6.3kg not bad for a 56cm frame. the only reason...
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    Helmet brands

    yes were is MET the MET Stradivarius is a very good and airy helemet. i would use nohting less then a MET.
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    Cannondale Six13 Crankset Choice

    well mate if cannondale are doing that then i wouldnt realy worry about it cause the idea of the cannondales hollowgram crank was to save wait and now if you to add bracket that would allow you to use a different BB then any wait saving is gone and its not worth paying the $600us more for it. i...
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    Cannondale Six13 Crankset Choice

    hey mate i use the new 10 speed dura ace crank and i have used the cannondale one as well. the problem with the cannondale one is that its an over sized BB so it means that u can not put a stand crank on later on if you want to go to a different crank. but if you go for the the shimano one then...
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    How much does your bike weigh??

    well i have a caad 5 frame with full carbon forks and the new 10speed dura ace and it comes in at 6.53kg not bad could be better.
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    older 105 components

    hey mate is ur sti starting to not charge as in u dont feel the click when u go to change gears??. cause if it does then try running sum realy fine oil into the top of the sti and change your gears a couple of times and make sure some oil comes out of the bottom of the sti so you know that there...
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    Velocity Spartacus? Mavic Cosmic Elites? Experiances?

    i run a bike shop and race so i would point u towards the ones that wheelcraft build. not the model im talkingabout cause ur to heavy but some of the other ones that weight in at around 1440 to 1600 grams a pair and they have no weight limit on them. if u want i can go get the stats for u i have...
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    Velocity Spartacus? Mavic Cosmic Elites? Experiances?

    hey mate i would go towards a pair of wheel made by dirt works. they are 24 spokes rear and 16 front. they wight in at 1380grams a pair they retail for $999. u can pick them up for around $800 if u look around. the only problem is u need to be 75kg or lighter to ride them. i use a set for...
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    Illegal Bikes

    i have a caad 5 cannondale with full carbon forks wif new shamino 10 speed and it comes in at 6.53 kg for a 56 cm frame
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    Campagnolo vs ShimaNO

    think of this the campy crank takes 1078 pound to move it a inch in flex were as the shimano one takes just over 1680 pound to move it the same amount. so y go carbon when its weaker.
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    Campagnolo vs ShimaNO

    well what can i say. i was campy and i now i use the new 10 speed shimano and the cranks are so much stiffer and the drivetrain is so much smoother then campy. but hey if shimano is so bad why has it win the last 5 tours??