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  1. rejimison

    best and worse protein bars

    The "latest" I've seen on the carb/protein debate says that a four to one ratio of carb to protein results in fastest rate of carb conversion during exercise and best rate of muscle-sparing after exercise. It also seems that the protein content is much more important post-workout(of course) and...
  2. rejimison

    What suppliments to take?

    I've spent years, and thousands of dollars, looking for the cause of an upper respiratory allergy which affects my breathing, and training. Recently, a health-food person listened to my sad story and suggested that pill-vitamins was the only common thread. She suggested that I may be sensitive...
  3. rejimison

    TUFO tires

    I had not considered the psi limits of the rim. thanks,Jim
  4. rejimison

    HED ALPS wheels

    When you say, "but just for race day"...are you referring to stability or ? Thanks, Jim
  5. rejimison

    TUFO tires

    I just read about the TUFO hybrid tire. It is a tubular with a clincher bead. Supposedly fits any clincher wheel. The rolling resistance is apparently tubular-level with a very high inflation capacity and a puncture-resist layer. The down side is its weight..about fifty grams more. Of...
  6. rejimison

    HED ALPS wheels

    My local tri-shop guy is very excited about this wheel. It retails for $400 less that the Zipp 440, and that is significant $ for me. Has anyone had any info on this wheel, or the general durability of HED wheels. In years past, their Jets were suspicious. But, I understand the quality is...
  7. rejimison

    nimble wheels

    Looking for "reasonable" racing wheels, 650 clinchers. Has anyone tried the Nimble traditional spoked wheel. I believe it's called "Fly". I'm not interested in the tri-spoke. I do triathlons, including the Ultra distance, so durability is an issue. Also, any thoughts on the new TUFO hybrid...