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  1. Dweezle

    Why do you cycle your bike ?

    I tried using my bike as a towel rack. But it doesn't really fit in my bathroom. So guess I have to cycle it. -
  2. Dweezle

    Helmets - A Testimonial

    Fall of 1999, I was going down a moderate hill on a city street about 25 MPH. I was following about 20 yards behind a truck, and watching a car trying to turn left from the opposite traffic lane. Sure enough, as soon as the truck passed, he turned left ignoring the bicycle that was me. I...
  3. Dweezle

    Clipless vs platform efficiency gain?

    I think clipless pedals make cycling a totally different excercise. With them I'm using my abs to pull up on the upstroke. It's more of a circular motion rather than just pushing down on the pedals. The top bike racers have great abs and there is a reason why. Especially climbing hills...
  4. Dweezle

    Running into things

    The worst thing I ever ran into was a bookstore. I was going about 25mph down a hill when a car turned left, right in front of me. I dodged the car, and hit the curb. The bike stopped at the curb and I kept going. I encountered the bookstore across the sidewalk. Broke two ribs and one...
  5. Dweezle

    What Green Policy?

    In Seattle they have been replacing all of the parking meters with… I don’t know what they are called but it’s a device that you can use a credit card with. It prints a sticker you put inside the window of your car to show you’ve paid for parking. The upshot is they’ve eliminated the vast...
  6. Dweezle

    Am I liable if I run over a jogger in musical solitude?

    I think this is more or less correct. It's kind of the same as rear-ending somebody in your car. Even though the driver ahead of you slammed on the brakes to avoid running over a pine-cone, you are still responsible to be able to stop in time to avoid hitting them. Imagine going into court...
  7. Dweezle

    ICE on your cell phone

    I actually do wear my Medic Alert bracelet, but I'm thinking I'll get the wallet card too. I do worry that the bracelet will not be found because it can slide under my wristwatch.
  8. Dweezle

    Ghost Cycles

    Hi Everybody. Have you heard about the Ghost Cycle Project in Seattle? It’s kind of a cool thing. They collected a bunch of reports about bicycle accidents. At the location of each accident they placed a wrecked bicycle, painted white, with a sign, “A Cyclist was struck there...
  9. Dweezle

    ICE on your cell phone

    I remember being in an emergency room with broken ribs and shoulder blade after my bike wreck. A nurse asked if she could call somebody for me, I handed her my cell phone and told her to look up my sister’s number. She handed it back to me and said, she didn’t know how to use my address book...
  10. Dweezle

    Baggies for Road Riding?

    Far worse than Fred-ness (whatever the hell that is.) is people wearing things that don't work for them. I saw a hefty guy in a cycling jersey, he was constantly having to pull the front of his jersey down becuase his belly is too large for it, and so his jersey keeps riding up on him. I won't...
  11. Dweezle

    Do you ever...

    I'm sure I've done that kind of thing. Not only around cycling and legs, but looking at guys in the gym with arms and shoulders that my DNA isn't meant to create. On the opposite side of this, I was a swimmer in high-school and college and so the girls I grew up with were athletes. To...
  12. Dweezle

    hobbies/obsessions other than biking

    Aquarium: Freshwater tropical. I have a 50 gallon tank, (190 liter) tank with live plants, and 12 fish of 7 different species. It's a river environment. It's about balancing healthy plant growth (which controls algae), and various other factors to keep everybody happy. It's a mini-ecosystem to...
  13. Dweezle

    Do you ever...

    Do you mean: Check for chainring scars on the back of the right leg?
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    Value of a ride 'computer'?

    I find them useful in this way.... I'm going along, thinking I'm getting my excercise in, and then I look down to see the actual speed, (or lack thereof) I'm going and think, "Oh, you're dogging it, pick up the pace." or some variation on that. It gives me an objective measure of what I'm...
  15. Dweezle

    Bianchi OR Lemond

    The downside of that Bianchi is that it has a 42 tooth chainring on the front. That could make it tough to maintain speed in city traffic. The Lemond has a 46, so that'll be noticeably better.
  16. Dweezle

    Why do I get flats in the rain?

    The reason we have more flats in the rain is because it's wet, cold and uncomfortable to sit by the side of the road in the rain fixing a flat, and the Universe has a sense of humor. ;)
  17. Dweezle

    Pedals and Knees.

    I gave a lot of thought to your comment. And also all the other comments on this question. I want to thank everyone who gave their experience here. I got a sheet of paper and a protractor and drew 25 degree and 15 degree angles on it, and taped it to the floor. I tried putting my foot at...
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    User Names

    My username has nothing to do with Dweezle, the son of Frank Zappa.
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    Pedals and Knees.

    When I got the cycling related knee pain, I did not immediately connect it with my bike. After all, when I rode the bike, I was fine. The problem came later when I was walking, (especially going down stairs.) or lying in bed. It took a while to figgure out that it started about a month earlier...
  20. Dweezle

    Pedals and Knees.

    On my city bike, I tried the Crank Brothers Eggbeater pedals. I started getting knee problems, so I switched back to SPDs. Later I figured out that if I adjusted the cleats differently I could put the Egg Beaters back on. I got a very slight case of the knee problem but it was tolerable. Now...