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  1. Derek

    Dilemma #342

    What kind of Look pedals do you use?If they are PP136,PP206 or PP337 that is probally why.The springs are pretty poor on them and they dont keep their strength.PP296 and PP396 are very good.I had PP337 and had my right foot coming out all the time when pulling up.<br /><br />I got a pair of...
  2. Derek

    quick/tasty high carb meals?

    looking for any quick to make,tasty meals either with pasta/rice potatoes....really any high carb/low fat little protein. Most days eating pasta with tomatoe sauce,green/red peppers,basil and some chicken.Also eating some rice with lemon chicken/peppers mixed through.Also through the day having...
  3. Derek

    Winter training

    question about winter/post season training.Looking for some suggestions that others who race do for their post season training.Last winter most of the work id been doing was endurance and in the gym with little speed work until feb/march. I felt that I never had the snap and accleration in...
  4. Derek

    Sprinting at end of race

    Have problems being able to sprint at the end of longer races(60m+).I am fine with the pace,but just dont have it in the legs for real attack for the finish. :'( Should I be adding more endurance/sprints..repeats etc? Any suggestions would be great.
  5. Derek

    Training twice a day

    I was wondering how many people,who do training mornings and nights in the same day. I was thinking about adding maybe 1 or 2 morning runs to my present training,to maybe add bit of endurance,but still keeping in mind of overtraining. Current training plan is: Monday:30min easy spin...
  6. Derek

    How to warm up before a race?

    If the weather isnt going to be really hot,you can use a warm up balm on your legs.Nearly everybody in cold climates who race(like myself),need this on early sat/sun morning races.It penetrates deep into your muscles and gets them warmed up. You should have a get a good warm up by spinning easy...
  7. Derek

    Training in hot climates

    I am leaving to go on holiday to Greece for a couple of weeks and I am going to take my bike over to get a bit of training in as I want to stay 'race-fit' when returning home.I was planning to get in early morning rides (starting 6-7 a.m) before it starts cooking(35-40C). Not coming from a hot...