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  1. Limbatus

    Recommend a Full Suspension Mountain Bike for Santa Barbara / South CA Trails and Fire Roads

    I'm looking for a good mountain bike for riding around Santa Barbara, CA. Dry Mediterranean climate, and mostly sandstone and gravel trail composition. I'd like a nice light bike for climbing. let me know what you think. below are links to some of the trails I often ride...
  2. Limbatus

    Ideas for affordable bicycle enclosure / shed

    Winter is around the corner, and I have no indoor space to keep my bikes. I want to build some kind of shelter or canopy to keep them dry if we get any big storms. got any ideas? I'd like to keep it less than ~$500. I'd like to store 4 bikes.
  3. Limbatus

    Stretching For Knee Pain

    What are some good stretches to help alleviate my knee pain? I foam roll regularly and do a couple hamstring stretches. Anything that will help? My PT told me to do squats and Bulgarian lunges, but this escalated the pain I was experiencing so I stopped.
  4. Limbatus

    Wobenzym N

    Does anybody use this supplement to prevent / alieviate inflammation? I have been using it a month, but have not experienced marked improvement in my knee pain. Who has had good results using this product?
  5. Limbatus

    Typical Milage on Mechanical Disc Pads?

    How often should I replace my mechanical disc brake pads? I ride about 100-150 mi per week, dropping about 3-5000K vertical. mostly road and graded trails. I very seldom come to abrupt stops, but I brake often. Are there any indications that the pads may be wearing thin? what would you estimate...
  6. Limbatus

    Tubelss commuting tire for road / hardpack trails I can run at 70-80 psi?

    Who makes some good reliable tires that will get me to work, an tear up some easy trails on the ride home. I want enough pressure to feel stable at 35-40 mph, but a tread with some grip when I leave the pavement. Got some recs for me? Running alpha 340 ZTR rims.
  7. Limbatus

    Source for Inexpensive Cycling Apparel?

    I went to my LBS today to find a pair of cycling shorts, and the cheapest pair was $79.00, all the jerseys were $50.00 and up. Any online sources where I can get high quality apparel at clearance/ greatly reduced prices. I don't care if its this seasons clothing, just can't empty my wallet on...
  8. Limbatus

    Outdoor Storage Solution for High End Bikes

    I recently moved into a new house, and my roommates are not cool with my fleet of bike sitting in the living room. Normally, I would not consider leaving these bikes outside, but now I will be forced to. Does anybody keep their bikes in a rubbermaid or eqv garden shed? Can a basic enclosure like...
  9. Limbatus

    Mechanical disc vs Cantilever Brakes for mountain riding

    I've got a cross bike that I ride a lot in the mountains in Santa Barbara both trails and distressed roads. I'm looking to upgrade to a carbon frame. My current bike, is a cannondale caad 8. I has a carbon fork, Maddox rims and tektro cantilever brakes. It's is SCARY coming down hills on this...
  10. Limbatus

    Myofascial Release Tools

    I had to begin PT this week because of an overuse injury in my knee. the therapist recommended that i buy a foam roller to try some myofascial release. the foam is working well, but i've heard that there are other products that also work. could you recommend some? i'm no expert, but according to...
  11. Limbatus

    Pain in Knees, Oval Dark Tan Discoloration Above kneecap

    I have been cycling a lot in the past year and a half. I have been riding about 3-5 hrs daily, and the majority of my riding has been climbing mountains. often, by the end of the day, my knees feel worn out. if they begin to hurt, ill give myself a couple days rest. Last weekend i cycled about...
  12. Limbatus

    Best LED Spoke Setup?

    A) Hokey Spokes B) MonkeyLectirc C) Other ? im not trying to break the bank. i want the brightest, best designed spoke lighting.
  13. Limbatus

    Derailleur Sheared Off, Caused A Lot of Damage

    I was riding my bike home from work the other day, and my rear derailleur sheared off. I was shifting gears in order to climb a hill and the arm got caught in my spokes. The hangar remained in tact, but the shimano 105 assembly cracked straight through, and bent my rear wheel out of alignment...
  14. Limbatus

    cantilever brake chatter

    Hello everybody, I'm new to cyclingforums, as well as a new cyclist. I have been riding my bicycle to work recently, and I love the commute. It is about 5 and a half miles downhill mostly along country roads. the last part of my ride takes me down a very steep hill into the heart of town...