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    2008 Cervelo RS or 2008 Look 555

    Hi All I've been offered excellent deals on both frames and cant decide which to choose. Opinions please. Thanks in advance
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    training without the bike.

    hey guys, next month I'll be travelling for work and unfortunately I wont be able to take the bike. My question is what other exercises can I do to improve my cycling without being on the bike. thanks.
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    Deep dish race wheels

    Hi guys, Besides Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL what other deep dish race wheels can i get for around the 2k mark?
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    how do you remove campy ergolevers?

    hi guys, how do you take the ergolevers off the handlebar. thanks
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    FSA K-Force handlebar

    what do you guys think of it? was gonna get the Kwing but the flat aero bit makes it pretty much impossible to attach polar,light etc. so i was thinking about getting the next best thing the K-force. has anyone used this handlebar before?
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    Cycling socks

    what advantages do cycling specific socks have over normal sport socks? and do you think they are worth the extra cash. thanks
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    putting name on top tube

    hi guys, just wanted to know what the pro mechanics use to put the name of the cyclist on the top tube of their bike. is it that rub on alphabet stuff you can pick up at the newsagent? thanks
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    balancing at red lights

    hi guys, been riding road for nearly 2 years now and want to know how the hell do guys just coast to a set of red lights and balance until the light goes green. it looks full hardcore! any tips would be great!
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    pinched 2 tubes! whats goin on!!

    i pinched two tubes today whlist trying to change my friends flat. i've been riding road for nearly two years now and have never pinched a tube before. my friend's using michelin magnum and its pretty tight to get it on so i used my tyre levers to flick the last bit on, i do the same with my...
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    your thoughts on the '04 CAAD7

    hi guys, i'm about lay down the cash for a '04 Cannondale CAAD7 Frame w/Si Ultra Full Carbon Forks + campy. I'm gonna take one for a test ride sometime after my uni exams, but i just wanted to know your thoughts on the ride quality, and the overall quality of the frame/fork. any advice/knowledge...
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    CAAD7 with campag centaur $4200AUD

    hi guys, i'm looking to upgrade my bike and am strongly considering the CAAD7. my LBS is the only cannondale dealer in town, so knowing if its a good price is difficult. they have offered me this bike setup for approx. $4200AUD or $3150US without too much haggling. 2004 CAAD7 Frame Campagnolo...