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  1. jnorth51

    Cycling Tights Recommendation

    I am looking for some suggestions for buying some tights to wear cycling (and possibly running). I had a pair of Sugoi tights for several years and they were fine and now I am looking for some other suggestions. I like to wear tights in 'cool' weather (0-10 degrees Celsius). Likewise, I also...
  2. jnorth51

    Fig Newtons

    I have been doing a lot of reading on various posts about suggestions for foods to take along with me on rides (I generally do rides in the 2 hour range, with some in the 304 hour range). I have read a lot of people mention taking fig newtons with them for the ride. I found this...
  3. jnorth51

    Heart Rate Monitor Question

    Greetings, I am looking for some info/recommendations on buying a low priced heart rate monitor. My goal, is to eventually get a nice heart rate monitor/GPS unit, but for now, that is out of my price range. Now, I would like to have a heart rate monitor that is relatively inexpensive...
  4. jnorth51

    Floor Pump Question

    Has anyone used/own/heard of "Kompressor" floor pumps? I was looking into buying a Kompressor Air Pro 260 floor pump. I went to do some research online, but couldn't find a thing about it. Anyone....
  5. jnorth51

    Rain Gear Question

    Quick question on rain gear. I have noticed that some people wear these clear, thin, "rain jackets", that are see through and just go over the jersey. I think these would be great to pack with me on rides. However, i have no idea what they are called. Rain jackets? Skins? A Cape? And, my...
  6. jnorth51

    Buying a Jersey Question

    Greetings - I am looking to buy a cycling jersey, but I am on a budget. My LBS has a VERY small selection of expensive jerseys (and i would like to be able to wear something that everyone else isn't wearing). I need some recommendations of online places to buy 'affordable' jerseys. I...
  7. jnorth51

    advice on a new pump

    I need a new pump to carry with me on road rides. I have a larger pump w/ stand that I can use at home, but want something portable to tuck into a jersey pocket. Any recommendations for a decent compact pump (for a beginner roadie on a budget?) :o
  8. jnorth51

    New To This - Changing Flats

    Hi all. New to the board. I have been riding a mountain bike only for the past 3 years and just recently bought a ride bike. I am picking it up next week. I can't wait. However, here's the issue, since I had my mountain bike, I have only had one flat! And one of the guys I was riding...