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  1. t0mm0r

    michigan rides

    well spring is slowly coming to michigan but i'm already in the mood to ride. with the warm weather coming i was just wondering if any of you around here are from michigan and if so where do you ride. I also would like some information on organized recreational rides that you do like charity...
  2. t0mm0r

    6 spd deore cogset

    i'm looking for a 6 spd cogset for a deore groupo... and 3 chainrings to fit on a shimano crank... that is 172mm i believe and 5 arm... i willl verify this info when i get home. i want them in fairly new condition... if anyone has any that would be awesome. thanks
  3. t0mm0r

    car related cycling accidents

    i'm writing a problem/solution essay for a college english class on car related cycling accidents. I was hoping for yer guys' input and stories that you wouldn't mind me using and any help on where to look for statistics and possible other topics i can speak on. thanks alot
  4. t0mm0r

    spd-sl vs pro fit vs look

    i am in the market for my first pair of clipless pedals and need some advise... i was first considering the speedplay pedals but i think i would like a bigger platform. So i am looking into the shimano ultegra spd-sl campagnolo chorus pro fit and some different look pedals.. just wondering if...
  5. t0mm0r

    poor bikes

    Now i haven't been in any really devastating crashes or beat up my bike too bad, though one time i was smashing up a somewhat steep hill in my granner gear... heard some twisting and squeaking... next thing i know a piece of my cog shoots off of the crank. so now no granny gear :(. I think it...
  6. t0mm0r

    durable tires

    i'm lookin for some nice training tires that are not flat prone and will last me a good 5k miles. lookin around the 50 to 60 dollar range for a pair... anyone have any suggestions
  7. t0mm0r

    tire pressure

    i was wondering if you guys would have any insight on this. If i were to keep my tires at about 60 % max psi while it is in storage and then fill them up before every ride would it preserve the life of the tires. It seems logical but I'm not for sure
  8. t0mm0r


    anyone one have an inner biopace chain ring they would'nt mind parting with for under 10 bux... i broke mine while riding up a hill :( it wasn't cool. it bant and completely broke off. If anyone has one email me at [email protected]